Educational Testing Service

June 14, 2010 10:00 ET

ETS Unveils New Web Site Redesign Includes Improved Navigation and Vast Resources for Students, Teachers and Policymakers

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - June 14, 2010) -  Educational Testing Service, the leading provider of the world's best education assessments and psychometric research, today announced the launch of its redesigned Web site.

The improved engages users, showcases ETS's advanced research capabilities and incorporates new resources which allow users to share content with others through popular social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. The new site navigation and streamlined site content make it easier for the 40 million visitors who use the site annually to find what they're looking for and accomplish their tasks.

"ETS is a global company with an extraordinary and diverse group of customers," says President and CEO Kurt Landgraf. "By providing a more welcoming, efficient and user-friendly Web site, ETS can better meet the needs of its test takers and clients and serve its communities."

Improvements, new graphic design and new features of the redesigned site present an enhanced experience. For test takers, the changes made to content and navigation make it quicker and easier to register for tests, obtain test preparation materials and get scores.

The new research section highlights ETS's advanced research news, featured topics and reports which visitors can quickly and easily locate using a searchable database.

The site features new GRE®, Praxis, TOEFL® and TOEIC® brand home pages (among others) that blend images with animated text to connect with visitors.

The newest section, "How ETS Approaches Testing," explains, in simple terms, how ETS views test quality and fairness, creates tests and test items, and scores tests. This section is designed to highlight the rigor and care with which ETS approaches assessment.

In the coming months, this section will be enhanced with an interactive Flash feature that uses video vignettes, graphics and content to take viewers on a tour of ETS's test item development process. ETS is also planning to include translations of key parts of the site in different languages.

"ETS has evolved in the five years since we last revamped the Web site," says Marc Silver, ETS Executive Director of Creative Services & Digital Strategy. " must constantly evolve too, so we can continue to serve our customers and constituents."

"Implementing and maintaining the most effective Web site better serves our customers and improves ETS's ability to inform policy around critical education issues," Landgraf adds. "This latest redesign will further ETS's mission to advance quality and equity in education for everyone."

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