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June 30, 2011 16:00 ET

Eugene Chiropractors Offer Spinal Decompression and Other Advanced Therapies

EUGENE, OR--(Marketwire - Jun 30, 2011) - Chiropractors have long treated neck and back pain, but Absolute Wellness Center has now included in its practice many forms of advanced therapies not generally found in a chiropractor's office. Advanced therapies such as cryotherapy, interferential stimulation and microcurrent therapies allow these Eugene chiropractors to tend to a wider variety of ailments and patients. Such therapies are non-surgical methods to alleviate pain, promote healing and treat a variety of injuries, whether the pain and suffering is due to an auto injury, a fall or simply a wrenching twist or movement.

Advanced therapies go beyond the traditional chiropractic treatments by employing methods not as common in the chiropractic field. In addition to the aforementioned spinal decompression, cryotherapy, interferential stimulation and microcurrent therapy, the Eugene chiropractic clinic offers other advanced treatments such as cold laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and ultrasound. Other treatments still include the more traditional chiropractic adjustments, spinal manipulation and therapeutic exercise, as well as massage therapy and the promotion of a complete wellness program. Integral components of any wellness program are proper health maintenance with a healthy lifestyle, as well as treating issues and conditions as soon as they arise.

Spinal decompression therapy consists of alleviating the pressure, and therefore the pain, caused by a pinched nerve condition. The non-invasive advanced chiropractic procedure is frequently successful in treating and relieving neck pain, back pain and other painful areas caused by pressure bearing down on a nerve. Such injuries are common after auto accidents, although pain and suffering may not be felt until weeks or months after the injury. The Eugene chiropractors can administer spinal decompression at any stage to treat both recent and older, more established injuries.

Cryotherapy is an advanced treatment that incorporates the use of cold, either in the form of a liquid or instrument, to freeze and then remove unwanted growths or lesions. The Absolute Wellness Center chiropractors have successfully used cryotherapy in a number of incidents to target the unwanted cells without damaging the healthy surrounding ones.

Cold laser therapy utilizes low-level laser beams with special wavelengths to treat a range of both chronic and acute conditions. Chiropractors at the Absolute Wellness Center have administered this non-invasive treatment to successfully reduce pain and swelling and improve the body's movements and functions for a number of conditions.

Electrical muscle stimulation, inferential stimulation and microcurrent therapy all involve the use of electricity to treat the affected area or condition, another arena in which the Absolute Wellness Center physicians have extensive experience. The therapies have successfully alleviated pain and decreased swelling while improving blood circulation to tissues that have been injured or damaged.

The advanced therapies used by chiropractors at Absolute Wellness Center allow them to treat a wider variety of conditions not traditionally treated at a chiropractor office, in addition improving the treatments of those that are. More information is available on their website,

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