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January 07, 2014 07:00 ET

Eureka Hunter Announces Record Gas Gathering Throughput

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Jan 7, 2014) - Eureka Hunter Pipeline, LLC ("Eureka Hunter"), a majority-owned subsidiary of Magnum Hunter Resources Corporation (NYSE: MHR) (NYSE MKT: MHR.PRC) (NYSE MKT: MHR.PRD) (NYSE MKT: MHR.PRE) ("Magnum Hunter" or the "Company"), announced today that throughput volumes on Eureka Hunter's gas gathering pipeline system located in West Virginia and Ohio have increased to approximately 166,500 MMBtu per day. During December 2013, Triad Hunter, LLC ("Triad"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, produced approximately 45% of the volumes that flowed through the Eureka Hunter Pipeline System. The Company expects Eureka Hunter to flow an additional 40,000 MMBtu per day of throughput volumes (approximately 206,500 MMBtu per day total) from Triad's new WVDNR and Ormet wells located in Wetzel County, West Virginia and Monroe County, Ohio, respectively. These new wells are scheduled to go online sometime over the next three to six weeks. In addition, based upon new Marcellus and Utica drilling schedules, the Company expects Eureka Hunter to add significant throughput volumes shipped from a combination of third parties and Triad throughout 2014.

Eureka Hunter Pipeline   2012 Avg.   Jan-13   Feb-13   Mar-13   Apr-13   May-13   Jun-13   Jul-13   Aug-13   Sep-13   Oct-13   Nov-13   Dec-13
High Pressure Reservation Volume (MMBtu/d)                                                    
Magnum Hunter   40,000   87,950   87,950   87,950   91,117   92,950   92,950   75,000   75,000   75,000   75,000   75,000   75,000
Third-Parties   6,667   35,000   35,000   35,000   47,000   47,000   47,000   88,000   88,000   88,000   88,000   88,000   88,000
Total   46,667   122,950   122,950   122,950   138,117   139,950   139,950   163,000   163,000   163,000   163,000   163,000   163,000
High Pressure Throughput Volume (MMBtu/d)                                                    
Magnum Hunter   23,291   16,055   20,137   29,448   27,876   49,201   59,461   53,984   37,601   26,677   41,729   44,071   77,120
Third-Parties   -   23,688   29,194   35,167   35,180   37,161   38,691   54,426   51,147   26,787   49,965   58,825   82,350
Total   23,291   39,743   49,331   64,615   63,056   86,362   98,152   108,410   88,748*   53,464*   91,694*   102,896   159,470

* Throughput drop was due to MarkWest Mobley Plant shut-in

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