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September 25, 2017 08:30 ET

EURO-American Finance Network INC and Stefanovic Family Plan To Invest $160,000,000.00 (One Hundred and Sixty Million Dollars) In EFUEL EFN Corporation Projects.

WILDWOOD, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 25, 2017) - EFUEL EFN CORPORATION (OTC: EFLN) announces the following to the public and to explain shareholders a general idea, interest and opportunity in future company activity.

The Stefanovic's family has been increasing its holdings in EFUEL EFN Corporation and the goal is to continue to purchase outstanding shares until our holdings reach approximately 90% of Outstanding. At present our expanding ability and the financial strengths of EFUEL EFN Corporation are in the State of Florida Corporation filings, IRS, Quarterly and Annual Reports filed with the OTC Markets. The OTC Markets in accordance with these filings should lift Caveat Emptor warning from our company. We are planning to go OTC Current very soon.

On IHUB, We noticed that select unscrupulous persons continue to try to manipulate information regarding our company for their own agenda. Management has determined to end this soon using legal process. Potential investors should verify OTC Markets filings, State of Florida Corporation filings, and IRS TAX filings. Investors please review our company's last six years history of holdings, cash and reporting. Slavoljub Stefanovic, CFO of EFUEL EFN Corporation received $35,000,000.00 loan approval and he planned to invest in EFUEL EFN Corporation, when stock price reaches to $0.20.

We will continue to increase assets and grow balance sheet. EFUEL EFN Corporation purchased property and liability insurance on corporation assets and company liability. The company negotiates a partnership with Atlantic Surveyors and Mappers LLC on potential $16,000,000 project. The company "EFLN" has several other business propositions that are in negotiating stages for purchase. The company has great investment and finance strategy to obtain money for projects.

Physical recon, mineral examination, and other testing is in progress to define multiple target zones. Ground geo surveys and aerial electronic surveys will be conducted in order to better understand the structure and potential of this mesothermal type of deposit. A logistical and geo summary report will be finished by mid of 2018. The preliminary testing indicates ground deposit of gold and other minerals. The present preliminary scientific research shows that there is more than multi million ounces of gold in grand deposit, plus large deposits of other minerals.

A similar agreement has also been reached by both parties another large block of mining properties located in SW Colorado. Preliminary tests indicate that these properties contain significant percentages for Rare Earth minerals. Exploration and testing is ongoing on this group. EFLN has completed negotiating its lease purchase agreement with The Liberty Mines Group which is located on 2,905 acres of land with 21 gold mines with other minerals having an estimated value over $500,000,000. The Liberty Mines Group is in a historically rich gold bearing trend, as stated by state and federal agencies, historians, geologists, scientists, and gold mining experts. TCP is a mineral and lands acquisition holding company with mining interests in several Western States of the USA.

The EFUEL EFN CORPORATION (OTC: EFLN) is a holding corporation with the following five business divisions:

1. Solar and Wind Energy Division:

The company is working with inventors and patent holders to negotiate partnership in manufacturing constraints of conventional glass and frame encased solar panels.

2. Real Estate, Agricultural Land Division:

The company has 2,905 acres land and 21 gold mining properties in California. The company has scientific time conducting detail studies on gold mining claims. The management started negotiating with Neck Philipello to purchase 70,000 acres farm with minerals in NEW MEXICO and TEXAS.

3. Investment Divisions.

The company has been buying shares from the open market.

4. Retail, Hospitality Division:

Cherokee Trading Post, Retail Stores and Partner In Other Business.

5. Plans and Construction Division:

The company has plans to construct four "CEROKEE TRADING MALLS" in the states of Florida, Georgia, Indiana and Ohio. EFLN is working on a potential Partnership to build 160 condos in Leesburg, Florida 34748. The total Construction cost of these five projects would be around $160,000,000.00.

The company share structure is not changed and will not change in future. EFLN has 2,500,000,000 common shares, 1,000,000,000 Preferred "A" shares and 35,000,000 Preferred "B" shares with voting right according to company BYLAWS.

The EFUEL EFN Corporation has recently announced that the company and Stefanovic family has elected to hold 1,600,000,000 (One Billion and Six Hundred Million) restricted shares of Common Stock at the fixed price of $1.00 per share. Regulations required EFUEL to hold all restricted shares until stock reaches a market value of $1.00. By increasing EFUEL's holding we are also increasing EFUEL's market value.

We are making tremendous progress. I remain fully confident with the long term growth of EFUEL. I am not concerned with the day to day, or short term fluctuations of the stock price. Mr. Stefanovic manages a very large fund called EURO-American Finance Network INC so he understands that it takes hard work and dedication to make a company prosperous.

Forward-Looking Statements:

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