November 15, 2012 07:59 ET A/S: Stock Exchange Announcement No. 10. November 2012

Quarterly update for the third quarter of 2012 for A/S

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK--(Marketwire - Nov. 15, 2012) -

  • Summary: A/S re-iterates its full-year expectations for group revenue to be at least DKK 25.0 million compared to DKK 21.9 million in the 2011 calendar year, equivalent to a growth rate of at least 14 percent and net profit after tax and minorities to be around DKK 0 million.

The Board of A/S has today distributed a "teaser" on Boliga ApS, to potential buyers of Euroinvestor's stake in Boliga ApS.

International growth for Euroinvestor despite tough market conditions

Revenues increased 5 percent during the first nine months of 2012. The Danish advertising market has continued its decline during the third quarter, but Euroinvestor's revenues from international markets, both in advertising and Investor Relations as well as other Business to Business (B-t-B) have developed positively. Profits have also developed in line with expectations.

Euroinvestor's focus on international markets has led to that the digital platform - a stocks, forex, financial news, investor tools and forum digital platform (for English speaking users, which was launched in October 2011) now has reached more than 100,000 unique monthly visitors. Furthermore, A/S has built a satisfactory pipeline of potential media partners, and products and tools for international investors which is expected to materialise during the next quarters.

The new portal was successfully launched as a premium information news, data and Forex trading analysis portal for international institutional and retail forex traders and investors. This website is positioned to become bigger in the next months and expand its content through partnerships with the major forex brokers and other potential forex technology providers.

During the third quarter, Euroinvestor entered a partnership with Norwegian TV2 to supply widgets (modules containing financial market information) for the webportal of This partnership is expected to contribute positively to the development of Euroinvestor in 2013.

As a consequence of Euroinvestor's focus on improved quality and rapid product development, revenues from its Investor Relations business and from other B-t-B services have developed better than expected. These services are primarily sold outside Denmark in a wide range of countries. Such services are expected to continue to show satisfactory growth rates in spite of the uncertain financial markets and the challenging business climate. The Investor Relations business and the other B-t-B services are considered to be an important part of Euroinvestor's product range as they diversify its portfolio from more cyclical advertising and consumer products. Furthermore they help Euroinvestor reduce its dependence on the relatively small Danish speaking market.

In April 2012 the new portal "Cockpit" won Danish Internet Awards for the best new Financial Services product in 2012. Following this award Euroinvestor has seen broad interest for Cockpit. This has opened up new opportunities in the Business-to-Consumer (B-t-C) as well as in the B-t-B segment.

Continued focus on product development and international expansion

During the second half of 2012 has continued its rapid pace of product launches. These include:

a) Level 2 and real-time subscriptions on several international stock markets as well as peer group information on most larger Danish and international stocks for Euroinvestor Plus subscribers.

b) The trading competition platform Bull Street Inc. This went live on October 23 in Denmark and is expected to be introduced in more countries during 2013. The trading competition is expected to increase revenues from users in 2013 and beyond.

c) - a new auction system for deposit rates was launched in October.

d) A webshop in Norway, containing real-time prices and Level 2 information from several international stock markets. The webshop will be introduced in further countries during the remainder of 2012.

e) Euroinvestor's Equity Research tools developed together with Saxo Bank and Factset. This product will be launched in November and is expected to contribute significantly to Euroinvestor's growth going forward.

f) The Forum competition in Denmark in November. This is expected to improve the quality of the contributions from bloggers in the leading Danish Investor & Trader forum.

The Euroinvestor group employed 23 employees at the end of the third quarter. It is important for Euroinvestor to be able to keep competent, creative and engaged employees as this is a pre-requisite for the success of the Group.

Boliga ApS

The 50.3 percent owned joint venture Boliga ApS has developed satisfactorily considering the standstill in the Danish real estate market. In February, Boliga launched a new portal, which has increased the transparency of the compulsory sales market for the benefit of purchasers and mortgage creditors alike. has been warmly welcomed by market participants. Advertised property has had very satisfactory sales responses and its revenue growth has also been satisfactory.

As communicated in Euroinvestor's first-half report its board has decided to investigate the divestment of its 50.3 percent stake in Boliga as it no longer fits with the strategy for the group, which was approved earlier this year. has today published a teaser to potential buyers of Boliga ApS. The teaser, which is included in this report as an appendix, contains information about Boliga ApS financial forecasts for 2012-2015, which have not been made public in the past.

Outlook for 2012

The developments in the first three quarters of 2012 confirm Euroinvestor's full-year expectations that:

  • Group revenue will be at least DKK 25.0 m compared to DKK 21.9 m in the 2011 calendar year, equivalent to at least a 14 percent growth rate.

  • Net profit after tax and minorities will be around DKK 0 compared to DKK 15.2 m in 2010/11, which was an 18-month financial report because of the reorganisation of the financial year. Profits for 2010/11 included one-off earnings of DKK 14.4 m.

  • Euroinvestor will continue to focus on its long-term growth ambitions, which include continued internationalisation and a fast pace in product development, which will have higher priority than short-term financial results. There is still some uncertainty concerning the global economic environment and this may have a negative impact on advertising revenue as well as on user generated income related to financial market information, which are the primary sources of income for Euroinvestor. The group will maintain its focus on product development, but at a slightly slower pace, in order to maintain a strong balance sheet.

  • Euroinvestor expects to introduce more new interesting products during the fourth quarter of 2012. Furthermore, the group expects to enter into new media partnerships in this period. Both of these initiatives are expected to strengthen the growth potential of in the coming years.

About Euroinvestor

Euroinvestor is one of the leading investor portals in Scandinavia. Euroinvestor owns and operates investor and personal finance portals in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the UK. Euroinvestor also owns 50.3 percent of Boliga, which is the largest independent real estate portal in Scandinavia.

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