November 13, 2006 11:18 ET

EUROTECH S.p.A enters the sector of unmanned vehicles. Acquires 20% of U.S. company Kairos Autonomi

Amaro (UD) -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 13, 2006 --Eurotech invests in the AVS (Autonomous Vehicle Systems) sector, by acquiring 20% of the share capital of the U.S. Company Kairos Autonomi for a total of USD 250,000.

The company, which is active in the research and development of integrated systems for driverless vehicles and has its headquarters in Salt Lake City (Utah), is headed by Gorge A. Troy Takach Jr., also founder of Parvus Corp.

The integrated systems for unmanned vehicles developed by Kairos Autonomi are composed of black boxes (NanoPcs), to be supplied by Eurotech, which use sensors to identify obstacles and then - using specific proprietary software - translate these signals into information able to steer the car and adjust its route until it reaches its destination.

This cutting-edge technology kit (Pronto4™) enables unmanned vehicle navigation by providing a universal platform which can be installed in all vehicles.

When the Pronto4™ system is installed on a vehicle, it can perform Remotely Piloted (RPV), Remotely Guided (RGV) and Autonomously Guided (AGV) Vehicle operation.

The vehicle is also still available for dual-use as a human-operated vehicle.

This new technology for the automobile sector will make it possible, in the future, to prevent accidents, warn drivers to reduce their speed (or reduce it autonomously), wake drivers up if they fall asleep at the wheel and inform them in advance of obstacles in foggy conditions.

The U.S. Congress has set the Department of Defense the goal of having one-third of vehicles used in the defence sector employing this new technology for unmanned navigation by 2015, hence the prospect of a rapidly-expanding new market.

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