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AMARO, ITALY--(Marketwire - September 28, 2009) - Eurotech, a leading provider of embedded products and technologies, today announced that it has received orders totaling 2.8 million USD for the embedded computing platform of an OEM remote patient health monitoring device. After initial deployment of an Eurotech off-the-shelf platform within the OEM medical device, the customer has activated a second phase of the project to gain extended precision and differentiation in the feature set of the device, moving to an optimized platform tailored for the specific application.

The off-the-shelf platform is the ARM-based BitsyXb platform from Eurotech, and the optimized platform uses the same processor platform and this is a key factor that will help the customer on keeping the FDA approval for the device.

"Remote patient health monitoring and telemedicine markets continue to grow, with a projected market value [in the US] of 134 million USD in 2010 for remote patient monitoring alone" says Zachary Bujnoch, industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan. "Companies that make the best use of available technology to deliver the capabilities to satisfy the demands of this market are well-positioned for future growth as the segment matures."

"Extending device lifecycles through strategic migration planning is a value Eurotech brings to all our customer relationships," explains Greg Nicoloso, CEO of Eurotech in North America. "Especially in this market, with certification requirements and expenses to consider, OEMs require the longest possible lifecyle of their medical devices to bring the greatest success to their business. It is Eurotech's goal to enable our customers' success by lengthening the OEM product lifecycle."

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Eurotech is a global leader in the design, development and production of application-ready embedded platforms. Eurotech architects systems that help companies bring their products to market quickly through the latest technologies with advanced graphics capabilities, low-power consumption and robust functionality. Eurotech specializes in helping customers connect their applications to the latest available wireless, mobile and pervasive technologies. Eurotech develops digital technologies aiming to create a better world by making everyday life simpler, safer and more pleasant, today and for tomorrow. For more information, please visit the Eurotech website at

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