Evader, Inc.

Evader, Inc.

June 01, 2012 15:45 ET

Evader, Inc. (EVDR) Corporate Update & Planned Entry Into a Robotic Medical Space

HENDERSON, NEVADA--(Marketwire - June 1, 2012) - Evader, Inc. (PINKSHEETS:EVDR) http://www.evadercorp.com is providing this general company update to its followers:

  • On or about -05/03/12 EVDR announced the diversification of its Indian holdings.
  • Since then the company has through opt in emails of its followers provided various updates.
  • EVDR management is in final discussions with a Robotics company www.drvibot.com (DR)
  • Finalization of documents is well under way
  • The delay stems from the fact that this is a public company that is quoted in Germany. DR is completing its filings in Germany to comply with German laws.
  • For EVDR The Adequate Disclosure is being worked on to encompass the DR Merger.
  • EVDR may simultaneously file the Adequate Disclosure with the merger announcement. The "skull and bones rank" on OTC Markets may still be in display, until all documents are reviewed.
  • EVDR management reminds its followers that this is a normal once the company seeks a "Current Issuer" status.
  • Info on DR will be posted on EVDR corporate web site http://www.evadercorp.com within few days. In summary DR offers EVDR an entry into a robotic medical space. Today, robotic devices are used to replace missing limbs, perform delicate surgical procedures, deliver neuro-rehabilitation therapy to stroke patients, teach children with learning disabilities, and perform a growing number of other health related tasks.

According to the Robot Institute of America, a robot is "a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks". Given this definition, medical robotics includes a number of devices used for surgery, medical training, rehabilitation therapy, prosthetics, and assisting people with disabilities.

EVDR Quiet period is over with DR well under way of being part of EVDR. More details and news will follow as aforementioned on a timely and frequent basis as aforementioned above.

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