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Evan Balafas Entrepreneur

July 12, 2015 22:49 ET

Evan Balafas Is the First Provider to Offer Pay-per-Click Advertising in Australia

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - Jul 12, 2015) - Google has become a household name after investing a sizable amount of its vast resources in order to stake its claim in the online marketing arena. In Australia, however, the search engine is facing some fierce competition: Excite Digital Media. Founded and managed by Evan Balafas, EDM has grown into a well renowned alternative to Google, not only in Australia, but also in an increasing number of Asian countries. A pioneer in the online industry, Balafas was one of the first to introduce the concept of "pay-per-click" advertising to the Australian market, long before Google came over the horizon. He has been credited with countless innovations in the world of e-commerce and marketing, where his vision has resulted in the creation of separate and successful branding solutions, favored by many of the top companies in the public and private sector.

Evan Balafas is best known as the managing director of his latest project, Excite Digital Media (EDM), one of Australia's biggest search and display networks in the publishing industry, which partners with a number of companies listed on the NASDAQ exchange. EDM has been recognized as one of the country's fastest-growing companies and operates in a number of global markets in order to return the best results for its customers.

Excite Digital Media, however, is only the latest in a long string of accomplishments for Evan Balafas: He first sprang to prominence by introducing one of the very first pay-per-click advertising campaigns ever seen, during his time at web directory LookSmart. His vision guided him through the early years of Internet marketing in March 2001 and was further illustrated during his days as Business Development Manager at Sensis. With a budget of $60 million, Evan helped Sensis to launch a fully dedicated search engine devoted to the Australian market. This project was further consolidated through a variety of syndication agreements with other major networks.

EDM, a "distinctly premium" global search engine, recently partnered with Singapore-based Oxygen Media Group, thus reinforcing its position in the Asian market. The company's unique selling point is high-tech service, where local campaign managers provide full support for advertisers during any ongoing campaign. EDM is proud to proclaim a 100% advertiser retention rate, underlining the high priority that Balafas places on relationships and networking within the industry. To set himself further apart from direct competitors, EDM offers advertising inventory to clients that cannot be found on any other major search engine platform., the dedicated search engine at the forefront of the EDM expansion, has evolved into Australia's biggest search engine by market share outside all of the major providers, such as Google. The goal is not ultimate size, but ultimate customer service by providing the highest quality traffic for a growing array of clients.

Evan Balafas is known for his unbridled energy, ceaseless drive, and clear vision to provide cutting-edge, results-driven solutions for clients. Headquartered in Bondi Junction, a suburb of Sydney, he leads an enthusiastic team with more than 30 years of combined experience in the dynamic search engine and online marketing industries. For more information, visit:

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