SOURCE: Evans Cooling

September 25, 2009 15:11 ET

Evans to Showcase Benefits of Waterless Cooling Technology for Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles

Lifetime, Environmentally Safe Coolant Provides Fuel and Maintenance Savings

SUFFIELD, CT--(Marketwire - September 25, 2009) - Evans Cooling Systems (, developer of the only waterless engine coolant, will showcase the benefits of its revolutionary waterless cooling technology for heavy duty commercial vehicles at the SAE 2009, Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress & Exhibition, Booth #701, on October 6-8 in Rosemont, Ill.

Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant (HDTC), based on Evans' unique, patented waterless coolant technology, is designed for vehicles and equipment powered by heavy duty diesel engines. Benefits of Evans HDTC for heavy duty vehicles includes increased fuel savings, decreased maintenance costs, as well as an environmentally safe alternative when compared to traditional water-based cooling methods.

Evans HDTC is unlike water-based coolants, which leave additive deposits and corrosion on radiators and cylinder liners, run at high pressure and can result in hot spots in an engine. Evans' waterless coolants run at lower pressure, reducing stress on the cooling system including hoses and gaskets. Since nearly 40% of maintenance problems encountered by heavy duty diesel engines are coolant related, preventing corrosion and pump and cylinder liner cavitation can deliver major maintenance savings.

Evans HDTC also has a higher boiling point -- 150 degrees warmer than the operating temperature of most engines -- allowing the engine to safely operate at slightly higher temperatures. The huge separation of the boiling point from the operating temperature enables raising the fan-on temperature to 230°. By raising the fan-on temperature, operators can save money since the fan on a heavy duty diesel engine draws a considerable amount of horsepower, using significant amounts of fuel.

Evans' waterless coolant is a lifetime coolant, and does not require changing, lowering maintenance and disposal costs. And, its unique formulation is environmentally safe, providing a green alternative to traditional cooling methods.

Evans' cooling technology is in use in numerous fleets and by individual truck owners who have gone hundreds of thousands of miles without changing coolant. For more information, visit Evans at SAE 2009, Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress & Exhibition, Booth #701, on October 6-8 in Rosemont, Ill.

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Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. headquartered in Sharon, Conn., has focused on engine cooling and related areas for over 35 years. The company has a team of high performance engine cooling experts based in Pottstown, Penn., a heavy duty diesel sales and marketing office in Suffield, Conn., as well as facilities in China. Evans is committed to maintaining a cleaner, safer environment, and continually seeks to improve product and process choices for all major heavy duty engine users. Evans waterless engine cooling technology is used today numerous fleets, with trials in process with major carriers worldwide., +1.860.668.1114.