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September 16, 2008 09:30 ET

Even in a Sluggish Economy, There Is Business Out There!

PointClear Explains How to Accelerate Your Sales Momentum and Boost Revenue Performance

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - September 16, 2008) - Despite grim economic headlines, there are companies that are winning business and posting positive financial earnings. This is according to Dan McDade, president of the prospect development company, PointClear, LLC, which has worked with companies for more than a decade to increase ROI on response management, lead generation and qualification, and lead nurturing.

What does McDade believe is the secret behind businesses that are meeting sales expectations despite the current tough economy? While he acknowledges that some are in high-growth or recession-resistant markets, others are creating results by simply rolling up their sleeves and continuing to sell. "In a tough economy, sales team motivation is critical since buyers are watching their dollars with an eagle eye, but sales reps are still expected to meet their quotas. To be certain it is a more challenging environment, so it is important to provide sales reps with the support and resources they need."

He added that a prime motivator and facilitator for sales team success is providing high-quality opportunities that enable sales reps to focus only on the best sales candidates.

"Sales reps don't need more leads, they actually need fewer ones -- or more accurately, they need fewer raw, unfiltered, unqualified leads," explained McDade. "By taking a less is more approach and working on lead refinement, you can funnel only the best prospects to your sales reps, empowering them to use their time more effectively and close more sales."

CenterBeam: Driving Revenue through Lead Quality

Located in San Francisco, CenterBeam is a leading provider of outsourced IT services and has been a PointClear client since 2003. PointClear's lead generation services for CenterBeam have focused on delivering a select number of higher-value sales prospects -- a strategy that has paid off with a 12:1 ROI to date, translating into millions of dollars of closed business.

PointClear programs have produced on average 50 percent of CenterBeam's new business per quarter. Most recently, in Q2 2008, 77 percent of new business at CenterBeam was generated as the result of a PointClear-generated sales opportunity.

"PointClear's lead refinement practices ensure that we receive only well-qualified, higher-value prospects -- enabling our sales reps to concentrate their efforts on the most likely buyers," said Karen Hayward, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for CenterBeam. "In this way, we believe PointClear has played a key role in accelerating our business growth."

McDade likens high-volume, low-value lead generation to creating a haystack in which the sales team is responsible for finding the proverbial needle. "Even in today's economy, bona fide prospects do exist, but they're hidden among the onslaught of unqualified, so-called leads," he said.

In contrast, prospect development distills leads into a smaller number of top-quality, sales-ready opportunities. This just makes sense, especially at times when many companies are being forced to do more with less -- including reduced sales forces and constricted marketing budgets. In fact, with programs that focus on producing fewer, but better qualified prospects, it is possible to actually increase your sales revenue while lowering marketing costs.

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