June 28, 2016 07:30 ET

Even Launches as First Earphones Tuned to the Way You Hear

Even Redefines the Listening Experience With EarPrint Technology That Adapts Sound to the Way Each Person Hears and by Making High-Quality, Personalized Earphones Affordable

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 28, 2016) - Today, MeQ Inc. launched Even ( the first earphones tuned to the way you uniquely hear. Even's proprietary EarPrint technology measures your hearing through an innovative interactive process to adapt sound to you and the way you hear, in each ear. As a result, Even delivers a breakthrough, fully-personalized listening experience. In addition, Even earphones are priced at $99, making high-quality, personalized earphones broadly accessible.

"No two ears hear the same way, so we're redefining audio products based on our Even EarPrint technology that analyzes, adjusts and adapts sound to the way you hear," said Danny Aronson, cofounder and CEO of Even. "Our flagship product, Even earphones, are like glasses for your ears. They will change the way you listen to everything you love, from music to podcasts. Even earphones give you a personalized sound experience you didn't know was possible."

Even listens to you before you listen to your music. Just put on your Even earphones, double-tap the Even button on the earphone's integrated controller, and listen.

Here's how the Even EarPrint works:

  • Sarah, Even's built-in virtual guide, walks you through the easy EarPrint process that takes less than two minutes.
  • Sarah explains that you will hear eight bits of music in each ear. You just need to press the "Even" button each time you perceive the music.
  • Once your EarPrint is set, you're ready to plug your Even earphones into any device with a standard audio jack.
  • You can reset your Even EarPrint as little or often as you want. We recommend recalibrating every six months to make sure you're getting the best experience as your hearing changes over time.
  • You can hear the difference yourself right now -- just grab your current headphones or earphones, plug them into your laptop or phone and try the Even EarPrint demo at

"Hearing is a fundamental part of our lives from the moment we're born," said Aronson. "It's our first form of survival and how we make sense of the world around us. Even is challenging the basic precepts of the audio industry -- that we all hear the same and that our hearing is perfect. We think it's time our ears get the attention and love they deserve."

Founded as part of MeQ Inc. in 2014 by Danny Aronson and Ofer Raz, Even creates the ultimate listening experience by combining the power of technology, sound and emotion with guidance from a team of musicians, sound engineers, software and hardware engineers. The company's mission is to make active, personalized listening as accessible and as affordable as possible. MeQ has raised $1.45 million from a specialized group of seed investors and institutional VCs; these funds are going into R&D, product development and manufacturing.

Available today for $99 and shipping immediately, Even earphones' key features include:

  • In-ear headphones with Even's built-in EarPrint sound personalization technology
  • High-quality, tangle-resistant cables with color coding for easy wear (white = left; black = right)
  • In-line controller with personalization, microphone and volume/play/pause button
  • Silicone ear tips in three, interchangeable sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Nylon case
  • USB cable charger (the battery life is roughly 9 hours)

About Even
Even is reinventing how we listen to what we love through a breakthrough experience that tunes sound to your ears. Even's EarPrint technology analyzes, adjusts and adapts sound based on the way you hear, in each ear, giving you the most accurate and moving sound experience possible. Founded in 2014 by Danny Aronson and Ofer Raz, Even's mission is to make active, personalized listening accessible to as many people as possible. Even's flagship product is Even earphones, available now. To hear sound the way you were meant to, visit

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