May 04, 2011 09:32 ET

Even the Beast Can Get Better: STACK Media Reunites With Dwight Howard

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - May 4, 2011) - The STACK Media production crew spent an afternoon with the world's #1 center, Dwight "Superman" Howard, as he propelled himself through a vigorous workout at Bryan Meyer Training in Orlando, Florida. With the release of STACK Magazine's Sixth Anniversary Issue (Winter 2011) -- Howard's second STACK cover -- a total of nine videos showcasing his tremendous athletic ability, work ethic, and championship mentality went live on, just in time for the announcement of Howard's 3rd straight Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Compared to the lifts Howard performed for STACK back in '08, the exercises in the new video series exhibit his new and improved movement-based training regimen -- from which viewers can begin to understand how Superman continues to enhance his game with each consecutive season.

This will be Howard's third year with trainer Bryan Meyer. "You've got to be strong mentally to survive a week-long workout with Bryan," he says. "He's really made a difference in a lot of the things I do on the court."

In the episode "Flipping the Switch," Meyer commends Howard's "willingness to work and push through," and Howard speaks frankly about how he remains motivated: "Every time I step in the weight room, I just envision us losing. It drives me." The goal of winning an NBA Championship takes over; the "switch" is turned on; and, as Meyer calls it, "it's time to go to work."

Nevertheless, the 6'11' 272-pound magical center cannot completely abandon his renowned silliness and entertaining bits -- which are shown in "The Lighter Side" and "STACK Minute." Recognizing the importance of his cheerful attitude, Howard says, "Sometimes we take life for granted and walk around with a frown on our faces... because we didn't get something we wanted. A lot of people are doing things they don't love, but have to do them to survive. I'm playing basketball... So I have fun with it."

Regardless of his mood, Howard's face displays grit and perseverance as he executes the workouts -- and, although he again fell short of an NBA championship, enduring the physical pain of his workouts keeps him connected to his desire to attain this ultimate goal.

View Howard's full workout here, and remaining interview videos here.


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