Event Spectrum Inc.

Event Spectrum Inc.

April 03, 2006 11:00 ET

Event Spectrum Inc.: April 23-29 Is Administrative Professionals Week

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 3, 2006) -

How One Employer Brings Enthusiasm to the Workplace Every Day of the Year!

April 23rd marks the beginning of what is known in Canada as Administrative Professionals Week. It is an official time for employers to recognize and reward the contributions of their employees. But at the small Toronto-based company, Event Spectrum Inc. (ESI), it is Administrative Professionals Week every week of the year, thanks to the company's president and co-founder, Cynthia Richards.

ESI is an enormously successful full service event management company. Major corporate clients from around the world turn to ESI to motivate and inspire thousands by developing and executing customized events that not only pack a punch, but that also give employees the knowledge that they are a respected and treasured part of a business. According to Cynthia Richards, "employee happiness and fulfilment are key to the success of any company." She knows this first hand, as Cynthia has been equally successful in creating an environment of tremendous creativity and satisfaction at ESI. Her employees (team members as Cynthia prefers to call them) sing her praises every chance they get, and the working environment that she has created within the walls of a historic Toronto home, is unique and exceptional.

As an expert in the field of employee satisfaction, Cynthia offers the following tips for creating employee enthusiasm:

1. Empower your staff. Allowing employees to make decisions will result in the knowledge that you respect them, and that they are an integral part of what makes the company successful.

2. Listen to them. Employees have fabulous ideas, and have the ability to think outside the box - a concept lost on an employer who is too focused on immediate financial results.

3. Reward, recognize, and acknowledge their importance. Many times an employer's instinct is to punish the mistakes and skate past a job well done. A reward can be anything from an extravagant employee incentive program to a paycheque bonus to a pat on the back and a smile. People who feel that they are doing a good job will continue to do a good job.

4. Always include employees in brainstorming. If they are contributing ideas, they are more likely to commit themselves to seeing those ideas through to a successful end.

5. Acknowledge even small successes with celebrations - a card, flowers, or a cake in the lunch room. Everyone loves a party!

6. Keep them informed of your goals and how you are doing at all times. Announcing a goal to everyone will result in everyone feeling a responsibility to achieve that goal. In the same way, if the team knows that things aren't going well, then the team can readjust focus and move forward together.

For more information on how to make the most of Administrative Professionals Week, you can arrange an interview with or appearance by Cynthia Richards by contacting: Janine Fawcett - J9 Communications, j9@ontheboards.com, (416) 695-9419

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