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March 13, 2007 11:28 ET

EverClear Radiant Systems™ Introduces Revolutionary Electric Snow Removal System

SnowClear™ System Less Expensive, Easier to Install Than Competitive Products

SAINT LOUIS, MO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 13, 2007 -- The SnowClear™ System, introduced today by EverClear Radiant Systems™, Inc., is a revolutionary new electronic snow and ice removal system that makes the convenience and safety of clear pavement accessible to the general population.

What makes SnowClear™ so different? The SnowClear™ System addresses the problems that have plagued other snow removal radiant heating systems: installation, electrical and labor costs, and price. Because of these problems, snow and ice removal systems have been reserved for the affluent. That is no longer the case.

The SnowClear™ System offers simple and efficient installation, combining pre-assembled cable panels, a PLC-based control panel, and temperature/moisture sensors.

Every SnowClear™ System includes three components: 1) easy to install, sized to fit, SnowClear™ heating panels, 2) sensors to automatically turn the system on and off (manual controls are also included), and 3) an electronic energy management system. Through thoughtful design and advanced manufacturing, the SnowClear™ System reduces the total cost of ownership by up to 50% versus traditional snow and ice melting technologies.

SnowClear™ Panels are available in a multitude of sizes that can be quickly and easily rolled out into any conceivable area or concrete form. The panels incorporate EverClear Radiant Systems' SureMelt snow melting cables, pre-attached to a highly flexible, yet incredibly strong, plastic mesh. In addition, SnowClear™ Panels are engineered to provide even heating across their entire area.

Independent sensors mounted either aerially and/or embedded in the pavement constantly monitor environmental conditions and report back to the energy management system. When snow or freezing rain occur, the energy management system energizes the SnowClear™ heating panels before any snow or ice accumulates.

The backbone of the system is one of three electrical packages chosen based upon the total power requirements of the system. Each package includes an aerial sensor, NEMA 1 Control Box with automatic and manual modes and GFIC protection. The top-of-the-line, patented, PLC-based control (basically a small computer) is expandable, zonable, and includes an LCD display.

In the end, all the builder or installer needs to do is connect the control box into the homes existing electricity*, spread the pre-attached pads out over the area, hook the pad's cold leads** up to the control box and then lay the pavement (concrete, asphalt, pavers, etc.) right over the pads. The sensor, which is wired to the control box, should be placed in an open area to ensure optimal weather sensing, wherever the installer or builder deems the best location.

The SnowClear™ System operates automatically when the temperature falls below freezing and precipitation starts to hit the sensors. The pads then begin to heat up and stay on until there is no precipitation left on the pavement. The SnowClear™ System will then shut off automatically. There is also a manual on/off option for those times when the consumer wants to be in control.

The SnowClear™ System's ultimate cost to the consumer is significantly lower than other radiant heating options -- up to 50% less*. With the SnowClear™ System, an average-sized 700 ft2 would cost the homeowner approximately $5,500 versus more than $10,000 with other snow and ice melting technologies. The minimal installation cost and innovative controls make SnowClear™ System the most cost-effective system available today. To calculate the estimated end cost of the system, visit

In most cases, the SnowClear™ System can be run off a home's available amperage, eliminating the additional costs associated with electrical upgrades. One of the great things about the SnowClear™ Systems' innovative controls is that they are capable of creating zoned heating areas, managing the total amperage load. For example, a homeowner, with a two car garage, could choose to clear a path to one bay followed by clearing the remaining driveway area. This flexibility gives homeowners the option to choose how they want the system to perform... it is infinitely customizable.

All EverClear heating panels and controls are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for ten years.

About EverClear Radiant Systems™

EverClear Radiant Systems™, founded in 2005, provides engineered solutions for snow and ice melting and complete water evaporation. EverClear focuses on creating the ideal electronic radiant heating solution for both residential and commercial applications. With SureMelt cable as a backbone, EverClear offers many different products, including the new SnowClear™ Systems, tailored to meet the needs of each consumer.

*Results vary by application

**System must be connected by licensed electrician

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