June 11, 2012 11:08 ET Reports: "President Obama's Re-Election Website Contradicts FTC Attorney's Claim That There Are No Government Grants Available for Personal Use"

President Obama Directly Contradicts FTC's Claim in "The Life of Julia" on His Website Which Details a Lifetime of Grants and Government Benefits Currently Available to American Citizens

SAINT GEORGE, UT--(Marketwire - Jun 11, 2012) - FTC lawyer, Ms. Collot Guerard, lead attorney for the Federal Trade Commission, claims in formal testimony before United States District Judge Roger Hunt, that "there are no Government grants available for personal use."

Ms. Guerard used this argument in her request for Judge Hunt to freeze the assets of I Works Inc. and other defendants in a hearing held in January 2011. Ultimately Judge Hunt relied on the arguments from the Federal Trade Commission and granted the governments motion to seize the assets.

"We assert that this is a wholly fabricated lie made on behalf of the FTC in order to seize assets before anyone has been found guilty of anything," said Ryan Riddle, spokesman for, a website critical of the workings of the Commission. "As a matter of fact, President Barak Obama, on his official re-election campaign website,, details the full complement of Government grants and subsidies available to a fictional female character, Julia, including a Pell Grant for payment for her personal tuition expenses."

"What is outrageous and truly unfortunate for the I Works case," added Mr. Riddle, "is that it seems Federal Judge Hunt believed the FTC's lie, that there is no such thing as a Government grant for personal use. The FTC then used that lie as a basis to freeze our assets and deny us the ability to hire attorneys to defend ourselves against these false Governments charges."

"To further disprove Ms. Guerard's assertion that there are no Government grants for personal use," said Mr. Riddle, "our website has compiled a list of over 1500 Government grants that benefit individuals. And this is just a partial list from one of the seventeen Government agencies that give out grant money. In fact, there are so many Government grants for personal expenses that a Government website,, made their own special page just to list them. It can be viewed at"

"Yet despite all this," added Mr. Riddle, "the FTC still has the audacity to claim that I Works has committed fraud by implying that the Government gives grant money to individuals for personal needs. So according to the FTC, it's okay for the Government to say this on their website, but I Works is not allowed to even imply that you can get money from the Government. It's absurd. Just ask a college student who has received a Pell grant."

The I Works program provided over 80,000 different grants available for both individuals and entities. This information would be extremely useful to anyone looking for a grant. The I Works site also combined a comprehensive searchable database of private money available, information that is not available on Government websites.

Here are just a few of the thousands of Government grants available to individuals:

Art Grants - The NEA Literature Fellowships program offers $25,000 grants in prose (fiction and creative nonfiction) and poetry to published creative writers that enable the recipients to set aside time for writing, research, travel, and general career advancement. An individual can use this grant money to pay for personal expenses in order to "set aside time for writing, research, travel, and general career advancement." Here is a link to all the people who got $25,000 this year from this grant.

More Art Grants - "Grants to Individuals" for Art projects.

Weatherization Assistance Program - "Enables low-Income Families to permanently reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient." Helping replace windows and making other repairs to a home.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program - "Assist low income households, particularly those with the lowest incomes that pay a high proportion of household income for home energy, primarily in meeting their immediate home energy needs." This program dished out over $5 Billion in 2010 alone to help Americans pay their utility bills.

Assisted Housing Stability and Energy and Green Retrofit - "Grants and loans will be made available through HUD's office... for eligible property owners to make energy and green retrofit investments in the property, to ensure the maintenance and preservation of the property."

Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program - "Recovery act fund help more than 10,000 households in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington state avoid or end homelessness... This can include rental assistance (up to 18 months), security deposits, utility deposits and/or utility payments, moving costs assistance, and hotel vouchers." is a Saint George, Utah-based website that is run and administered by small business owners who want to document and expose abuse and fraud perpetrated by the Federal Trade Commission. The goal of the website is to document abuses when people in government are given extraordinary powers without proper Congressional oversight and thus are often prone to abuse their positions of power. Our goal is to expose these people and their bad acts and incite Congress to audit potential corruption, especially within the FTC.

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