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Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc.

May 28, 2015 13:05 ET

EVTN Announces Voraxial® Shipment for Oil Spill Response

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwired - May 28, 2015) - Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. (OTCQB: EVTN) announced today that it has recently shipped a Voraxial 4000 Separator to a leading and highly recognized oil spill recovery organization.

The order comes after multiple tests that confirmed the performance ability of the Voraxial Separator to efficiently separate oil from water. The tests were centered on the inlet oil concentration rates fluctuating from 5% to 20%. Other projects have also demonstrated efficient separation at lower and higher oil concentrations.

This order represents another important step toward the introduction of Voraxial enabled, next generation oil spill response and recovery vessels that can effectively contain and recover larger volumes of oil from major spills. Typically, the skimmed oil/water mixture captured on the vessels consists of a very high percentage of water, in some cases over 95%. By installing the Voraxial, the separation of the oil/water mixture is completed immediately. The water is separated in-line and returned immediately to its source while the recovered oil is discharged into a holding tank. Utilizing the Voraxial enables the vessels to reduce the volume of water captured and increase the volume of oil recovered. In some instances up to 5 to 10 times more oil, thus making the vessel and oil spill recovery more productive.

The Voraxial® 4000 Separator, processing over 850,000 gallons per day, can be installed onboard a vessel or submerged in the ocean for separation of large volumes of oil and water recovered from skimming operations. The Submersible Voraxial® design is the only oil-water vortex separator that can operate in the water to treat oil slicks. Further, the Submersible Voraxial® can be lowered deep into the ocean to treat underwater oil spills and oil plumes.

EVTN manufactures various models to handle different flow rates. The Voraxial 8000 Separator processes up to seven (7) million gallons of oily water per day which is equivalent to 5,000 gallons per minute. To put the volume of the Voraxial® 8000 in perspective, this equipment processes about three times the total estimated volume of the oil spill flow rate from the Deep Water Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico. The Voraxial 2000 Separator separates over 100,000 gallons per day.

The low capital cost to acquire and install the Voraxial enables a region, such as the Gulf of Mexico or a coastline to be equipped to handle multiple catastrophic oil spills or smaller spills, such as the recent pipeline rupture in Santa Barbara, California, quickly and efficiently.

The compactness, light weight and low energy requirements of the Voraxial® enables the Voraxial® to be easily installed on new vessels or retrofitted onto existing vessels. The Voraxial's® small footprint allows it to be secured on different size vessels to handle both large and small oil spills. Further, the compactness of the Voraxial® enables the proposed next generation oil spill response systems to be helicopter deployed or secured onboard oil platforms and tankers as well as in harbors, coastlines and other sensitive locations.

EVTN is currently in negotiations with other customers interested in the Voraxial Separator for oil spill recovery.

About Enviro Voraxial Technology: EVTN is the developer and manufacturer of the Voraxial® Separator, a unique, patented in-line turbo-separator that provides a cost effective method to efficiently separate large volumes of solids and liquids with different specific gravities and without the need of a pressure drop. The Voraxial® provides highly efficient bulk separation while requiring less space, energy and weight than conventional separators processing the same volume. The Voraxial® is capable of simultaneously separating up to three components, such as oil, water and sand. The Voraxial® can be used as a stand-alone separator or incorporated with other equipment to provide a complete turnkey solution that allows customers to treat a variety of fluid streams while reducing treatment cost and increasing separation efficiency.

The separation market encompasses a series of multibillion dollar segments, spread globally across many industries and applications. EVTN continues to pursue the oil and gas industry but is also processing proposals from other industries such as mining, food processing, manufacturing and oil spill industries. EVTN owns significant IP surrounding the Voraxial® and has new innovations under development. Please see for additional information.

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