Environmental Waste International Inc.

Environmental Waste International Inc.

June 19, 2012 11:30 ET

EWS TR900 Update

AJAX, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 19, 2012) - Environmental Waste International Inc. (EWS) (TSX VENTURE:EWS) announced that it has successfully completed several runs of the TR900 Pilot Plant in Sault Ste. Marie (SSM), Ontario which were conducted to test recent modifications to the system by the new engineering team, and to allow a third party consultant to collect data on the systems' operating parameters. The regiment included running the system for three consecutive days along with several extended runs, the most recent of which enabled engineers to gauge various processing speeds for efficiency and byproduct recovery along with testing the systems' performance during a critical shutdown while operating at full temperature and processing speed. The TR900 system performed all operations as designed and without issue.

Mr. Valdis Martinsons, EWS's Chief Operating Officer, commented, "We are very pleased with the TR900's operation. The successful results of these runs confirm that recent modifications have rectified most of the major issues relating to extended operation of the TR facility." The highlights of the most recent test included more than 18 hours of operation, with continuous processing of tires for over 15 hours and a total of over 3.2 metric tons of tires processed. The system achieved and successfully operated at a peak hourly rate of 938 passenger tire equivalents (20lb tires) per day, which exceeds the original specification of 900 tires. The engineering team is evaluating the results to identify further modifications to improve the processing and byproduct separation.

EWS was recently informed by its gas generator provider that, despite its earlier written assurances, their generator's emissions will require post combustion treatment to meet the Ministry of Environment's (MOE) permitted air emissions at the SSM site. EWS and its environmental consultants are preparing a request for an amended permit to allow for the additional emission equipment. EWS will not be able to operate the system during the anticipated two month review period, unless the MOE grants conditional acceptance of the required alterations. EWS will use this time to continue identifying and modifying the system and begin design work on its commercial TR1500 system.

EWS has designed systems for the breakdown and recovery of usable byproducts from several organic materials, including rubber tires, and for the sterilization of medical, animal, liquid and food waste. EWS continues to explore other applications for its technology. Please visit the EWS website at: www.ewmc.com.

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