March 15, 2011 22:46 ET

Ex-Hotel Owner Trains Staff to Kill Bedbugs with Heat

Attention: City Editor, News Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor, World News Editor WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - March 15, 2011) - Mr. Jon Thorntveit, from the hotel industry and now a leading authority in the treatment of bedbugs, has teamed up with Eric Segbefia, founder of Together they are on a mission to help eradicate bedbugs in North America. Their goal is to educate corporate clients on the merits of using in-house heat treatments to solve what has become a dirty little secret in a number of industries: Bedbugs.

While the severity of the bedbug problem in almost every city is increasing, many companies are reluctant to call professional pest control agencies for fear of losing business. Eric Segbefia's company offers equipment, training and on-going support that allows customers to address the bedbug problem themselves using discreet heating equipment that is affordable, lightweight and easily transportable. Sales of the portable machines have reached an all-time high as the bugs have developed a resistance to all other known forms of treatment.

On Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 1:00pm (Eastern), will be hosting a free online seminar for those needing assistance with bedbug eradication or others who may face potential issues with bedbugs in the near future. This online event will be of special interest to hotels, property managers, housing authorities, and those from the pest control industry that want to inform themselves of the best products and technology available to kill bedbugs discreetly.

To attend the seminar you must preregister by going to:

To learn more about the company and the discreet solutions that they offer, please visit: /For further information: Eric Segbefia
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