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Examine the China Dairy Market

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 28, 2008) - announces that a new market research report related to the Dairy products industry is available in its catalogue.

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China Dairy Market Report

The Chinese dairy industry has been sustaining a rapid growth, and is still one sector of the food industry that enjoys the best growing momentum in China. And China witnesses the fastest growth of the dairy industry in the world, and the overall sector is changing for the better year on year. The Dairy industry faces both opportunities and challenges, and is at the transitional period. The whole supply chain contains lots of investment opportunities. Specially, the huge market potential makes the Chinese dairy industry one of the fields enjoying the highest investment value.

Organized by BOABC and Beijing Orient Trust Investment Consultant Co. Ltd., the report is composed by senior Chinese experts and investment consultants. The report adopts data from authoritative organizations including the National Bureau of Statistics, the National Information Center, China Dairy Industry Association, Dairy Association of China, the Customs General Administration, and other legal channels. Also, the report uses materials from the long-term in-depth follow-up and field surveys of the two companies. After value chain analysis, SWOT, KSF and competition analysis, the report has analysis and evaluation on value of investment, direction of investment, way of investment and risks of investment in the Chinese dairy industry, and provides relevant suggestions on investments. The target readers of this report are industrial investors, strategic investors or financial investors both from home and abroad who pay attention to the Chinese dairy industry, and it is rare to see such a report. The report also provides reference for decision makers of giants of the dairy industry or related industries, research institutions, investment banks, funds and security agencies to learn the current development of Chinese dairy industry, to master the trend and investment opportunities.

The quotation for the English version is US$3,000/copy, and 20,000 yuan/copy for the Chinese version.

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China Dairy Market Report

Part One: Analysis of Major Economic Features of China's Dairy Industry, 2005-2006

Chapter One: Analysis of Dairy Cattle Farming

1. Overall Situation of Raw Milk Market

1.1 Dairy Cattle Inventory

1.2 Milk Yield of Dairy Cattle

1.3 Cow Milk Production

2. Characteristics of Regional Layout of Raw Milk Production

2.1 Main Producing Provinces of Raw Milk

2.2 Market Share of Main Producing Provinces of Raw Milk

2.3 Plan of Advantageous Regions in Raw Milk Production

2.4 Raw Milk Production Extends to Non-traditional Regions

3. Organizational and Operational Mode of Raw Milk Production

3.1 Dairy Farming by Small-size Holdings

3.2 Dairy Farming Areas

3.3 Modern Farms

3.4 Comparison of Input-output of Different Organizational and Operational Modes

4. Comparison of Input-output between Dairy Farming and Crop Production and Other Animal Farming

4.1 Comparison of Per Capita Possession between Milk and Other Farm Products, Animal Products or Aquatic Products

4.2 Comparison of Input-output between Dairy Farming and Crop Production and Other Animal Farming

5. Investments in Dairy Farming

5.1 Source of Investments

5.2 Investment Scale

6. Key Factors Affecting Development of China's Dairy Farming Industry

6.1 Policy

6.2 Other Factors

7. Trend of Dairy Farming in China in the Coming 5-15 Years

Chapter Two: Dairy Processing Industry

1. Categories and Composition of Dairy Products

1.1 Categories

1.2 Composition

2. Quantity of Dairy Processing Companies and Relative Scales

2.1 Quantity of Dairy Processing Companies and Regional Layout

2.2 Classification Criteria of Scaled Enterprises

2.3 Regional Layout of Enterprises of Different Scales

3. Growth of Dairy Industry and Features of Lifecycle

3.1 Growth of Dairy Industry

3.2 Features of Lifecycle of Dairy Industry

4. Barriers for Entry and Exit of Dairy Industry

4.1 Capital Barrier

4.2 Technical Barrier

4.3 Policy Barrier

5. Innovation of Dairy Production Technique, Introduction of New Products and Speed of Technical Renovation

5.1 Backwardness of Standardization of Dairy Production Technique, New Products and Technical Renovation

5.2 Key Factors Affecting Backwardness of New Products or Technical Renovation

6. Current Characteristics of Dairy Products

6.1 High Standardization and Homogeneity

6.2 Labeling of Products Should Be Regulated

7. Current Efficiency of Production Capacity of Dairy Companies

7.1 Current Efficiency of Production Capacity of Dairy Companies

7.2 Key Factors Affecting Efficiency of Production Capacity of Dairy Companies

8. Capital Operation and Profit-generation Level of Dairy Industry

8.1 Current Status of Capital Investment

8.2 Overall Profit-generation Level of Dairy Industry

8.3 Comparison of Profit-generation Level of Dairy Companies of Different Scales

8.4 Comparison of Profit-generation Level of Dairy Companies of Different Economic Types

9. Key Factors Affecting Development of Dairy Industry in China

9.1 Policy

9.2 Other Factors

10. Trend of Dairy Processing Industry in China in the Coming 5-15 Years

Chapter Three: Analysis of Dairy Market

1. Relevant Economic Environment of Dairy Market

1.1 Overall Economic Situation of the Nation

1.2 Development Momentum of Domestic Food Industry

2. Market Scale

3. Market Scale and Growth of Different Regions

3.1 North China

3.2 Northeast

3.3 East China

3.4 Central South

3.5 Southwest

3.6 Northwest

4. Growth of Segmented Dairy Market

4.1 Fresh Milk

4.2 Yoghurt

4.3 Milk Powder

4.4 Cheese

4.5 Butter

4.6 Milk Drinks

4.7 Ice Cream

4.8 School Milk

5. Dairy Import and Export

5.1 General Situation of Dairy Trade

5.2 Import

5.3 Export

6. Distribution Channels of Dairy Products

6.1 Traditional Channels

6.2 Modern Channels

7. Marketing Strategy of Dairy Products

7.1 Price Competition Strategy and Scaled Economy

7.2 Innovation of Dairy Marketing

8. Market Competition of Dairy Industry

8.1 Competition Pressure of the Industry

8.2 Competition Pattern of the Industry

8.3 Regional Scope of Industrial Competition

8.4 Trend of Industrial Competition

9. Key Factors Affecting Development of Dairy Processing Industry in China

9.1 Policy

9.2 Other Factors

10. Growing Trend of Dairy Market of China in the Coming 5-15 Years

Chapter Four: Analysis of Dairy Consumption

1. General Demand for Dairy Products

1.1 Consumption Structure

1.2 Consumption Varieties

1.3 Per Capita Consumption Level

2. Features of Dairy Consumption Demand

2.1 Motives for Consumption

2.2 Consumption Habit

2.3 Changes of Consuming Groups

2.4 Impacts on Consumption from Marketing Strategy

3. Key Factors Affecting Dairy Consumption

3.1 Constraints

3.2 Driving Force

4. Trend of Changes of Dairy Consumption Demand in the Coming 5-15 Years

Chapter Five: Analysis of the Top 10 Dairy Companies

1. General Situation of the Top 10 Dairy Companies

1.1 Scale of Raw Milk Processing

1.2 Market Share

1.3 Brand Value of Enterprises

1.4 Technology and Capability

1.5 Quality and Product Functions

1.6 Innovation Ability in New Products

1.7 Network of Dealers and Distribution Ability

1.8 Financial Resource and Profit-generation Ability

1.9 Status of Relative Cost

1.10 Crisis Management Ability

2. Case Study of the Top 10 Dairy Companies

2.1 Yili

2.2 Mengniu

2.3 Sanlu

2.4 Bright

2.5 Wandashan

2.6 Sanyuan

2.7 Yinqiao

2.8 New Hope

2.9 Nestle (China) Dairy

2.10 Dumex

Part Two: Analysis of Investment

Chapter Six: Investment Opportunity

1. Maturity of Main Links of the Industrial Chain

2. Profit Distribution of Various Links of the Industrial Chain

3. Competitiveness of Various Links of the Industrial Chain

4. Comparison of Investment Opportunity in the Industrial Chain

Chapter Seven: Suggestions on Route of Investment in Dairy Industry

1. Investment by Domestic Companies (case study)

1.1 Investment

1.2 Experience

1.3 Features of Investment

2. Investment by Foreign Companies (case study)

2.1 Investment

2.2 Experience

2.3 Features of Investment

3. Design of Optimal Investment Route

3.1 Target of Investment

3.2 Mode of Investment

3.3 Expected Financial Situation

3.4 Way of Exit of Risk Capital

Chapter Eight: Investment Risk and Countermeasures

1. Market Risks

2. Policy Risks

3. Other Risks

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China Dairy Market Report

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