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Examine the Lipitor Market Analysis and Forecasts Report, 2007-2012, 2017 and 2023

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Lipitor Market analysis and forecasts Report, 2007-2012, 2017 and 2023

In 2006, Pfizer's Lipitor (atorvastatin) generated global revenues of $13.6bn, making it the best selling drug in pharmaceutical history. The blockbuster medicine has single-handedly driven the overall revenue margins of the cardiovascular segment, as this area continues to dominate the pharmaceutical market. Despite the maturing status of Lipitor, the drug has repeatedly maintained steady growth over the past 5 years, crowding out the yearly revenues of other lipid-regulating blockbuster drugs: Merck& Co's Zocor and Zetia, Astrazeneca's Crestor, Abbott's Tricor and Bristol Myers Squibb's Pravacol.

However, as Lipitor's blockbuster revenue is seriously threatened by imminent patent expiration in some of the drug's largest markets such as the US, Japan and the UK, there is significant unrest between Pfizer's key stakeholders about the future of the drug. Principally, amongst the heightened Lipitor topics are the imminent exposure of the $1 billion annual drug sales or more, as well as the fast expanding generic market in which India's Ranbaxy is a dominant force.

What questions does the report answer?

- Has the success of Pfizer's Lipitor been overstated?

- Did Pfizer create a monster in Lipitor?

- Have Lipitor sales redefined the bounds that pharmaceutical margins can now reach?

- How imminent is Lipitor patent expiration?

- Which key markets will suffer the consequence of Lipitor expiry?

- Is Ranbaxy ready for generic Lipitor?

- Do the fast developing markets, CEE and the Latin America segment hold the key to future sales after Lipitor's patent expiration?

- Is Lipitor a victim of the struggling Blockbuster Model?

- What is next for Lipitor?

- Do the fast developing markets, CEE and Latin America segment hold the key to future sales after Lipitor's patent expiration?

- Is Lipitor, a victim of the struggling Blockbuster Model?

- What is next for Lipitor?

As Pfizer's Lipitor struggles to fend off the immediate entry of Ranbaxy's generic Lipitor, in key markets, the legal challenges surrounding the number one drug have set a new benchmark for pharmaceutical companies protecting branded products. Industry observers including Visiongain predicts that Pfizer's crises are far from over, as the high revenue streams of Lipitor will experience significant challenges before the commencement of the next decade.

Moreover, Pfizer's lack of success to replace Lipitor with Torcetrapib has escalated the company's near-term battles besides the ever-tighter regulatory hurdles, reduced R&D efficiency and increased competition, creating formidable therapeutic challenges as healthcare payers influence pricing. Nevertheless, there are strong drivers of growth including unmet therapeutic needs, the rising incidence of multiple diseases, ageing populations, the rising living standards and fast-developing geographical markets. The future of Lipitor is therefore vitally important to Pfizer, especially in this uncertain period of economic changes and pressures.

This report includes detailed five-year forecasts over the period 2008-2013, and NOW features 10 and 15-year forecasts to help you understand the medium-term prospects for these markets.

Why You Must Buy This Report:

This unique in-depth management report examines the future prospects for Lipitor from 2008-2023. It delivers direct to you future sales forecasts for leading Lipitor in all seven major markets (7MM). This detailed report highlights the most compelling must know issues- Lipitor's patent contention by Pfizer in both 7MM and other markets in order to block Ranbaxy's immediate penetration of generic Lipitor. In light of healthcare drug bills increasing exponentially, generic Lipitor will be welcomed by managed care organisations (MCO) and further widen the generic revenue margins, visiongain concludes. This report also tackles Lipitor's significant developments, potential opportunities on the market and important contemporary matters, especially commercial drivers and restraints.

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1 Executive Summary 
1.1 Lipitor Was the World's Best Selling Drug In 2006 
1.2 Lipitor Will Face Strong Competition After Patent Expiration In Key 
1.3 Lipitor Is Embroiled In Patent Challenges With Ranbaxy 
2 Overview of Lipitor (Atorvastatin) 
2.1 Lipitor (Atorvastatin) - The Cholesterol Reducing Drug 

2.1.1 Pfizer Acquires Lipitor After Merging With Warner-Lambert 
2.1.2 Dyslipidemia Classification of Dyslipidaemia 

2.1.3 Dyslipidaemia - a Major Risk Factor In Developing Coronary Heart 
Disease In The Western Population 
2.1.4 Aetiology of Dyslipidaemia Primary Causes of Dyslipidemia Secondary Causes of Dyslipidaemia Diabetes A Leading Cause of Secondary Dyslipidaemia 

2.2 Obesity Is a Major Environmental Factor Associated With Dyslipidaemia 

2.2.1 Strong Link Between Diabetes And Obesity 
2.2.2 Diet Remains An Important Component In Regulating Lipid levels 
2.2.3 Behaviour 
2.2.4 Regular Physical Exercise 

2.3 Symptoms and Signs of Dyslipidaemia 
2.4 Diagnosis, Screening and Markers of Dyslipidaemia 

2.4.1 Direct Measurement of Total cholesterol, Triglycerides, And HDL 
2.4.2 Estimation of Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) And Very Low-Density 
Lipoprotein (VLDL) 
2.4.3 Fasting Lipid Profile 
2.4.4 Screening Patients Under 20 Years For Atherosclerotic Risk Factors 
2.4.5 Screening For Lipoprotein(a) levels 

3 Treatment of Dyslipidaemia 
3.1 Lipid Regulating Drugs Are Central To Treating Dyslipidaemia 

3.1.1 Statins are First Choice Lipid-Regulating Drugs 
3.1.2 Statin Drugs Are Significant Market for Leading Pharmaceutical 
3.1.3 Lipitor A Second-Generation 3-hydroxy-3-methygulutaryl coenzyme A 
(HMGCoA) Reductase Inhibitor Gold Standard Drug 

3.2 Posology And Method of Administration of Lipitor 

3.2.1 Primary Hypercholesterolaemia and Combined (Mixed) Hyperlipidaemia 
In Adults And Children aged 10-17 years Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in Adults and Children 
aged 10-17 years Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in Adults and Children 
aged 10-17 years Lipitor Dosage in Patients With Renal Insufficiency Lipitor Dosage in Patients With Hepatic Dysfunction Lipitor Dosage in Geriatric 

4 Lipitor World Market Analysis 
4.1 Lipid-regulating/ Anti-Atheroma Preparations Is The Largest In 
Cardiovascular System Market 

4.1.1 Pfizer Is The Leader In Cardiovascular Pharmaceuticals 
4.1.2 Cholesterol And Triglycerides Reduction Drugs Generate Highest 
Individual Sales 
4.1.3 The US Market For Cholesterol and Triglyceride Drugs Sees The 
largest Sales 

4.2 Lipitor (Atorvastatin) Revenue Dominates all Cholesterol & 
Triglyceride Drugs 

4.2.1 Lipitor Sales in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Australasia 
and Latin America Lipitor Sales are Most Significant In US Lipitor Drives Sales For Cholesterol & Triglyceride Reducers In 
The EU Market UK is Lipitor's Largest Market In Europe Lipitor Sales Decline in France Lipitor Sales Grow By 10% In 2006 Lipitor Experiences Strong Market Growth In Italy Lipitor Year-on-Year Sales Decline Continued In Germany Japan is Lipitor's Strongest Market in Africa, Asia & Australasia 

4.3 Lipitor's Faces Competitions From Key Rivals In Major Markets 

4.3.1 Lipitor's Prescription Volume Eroded Steeply Due To Generic Statins 
4.3.2 AstraZeneca's Crestor, Merck & Co and Schering Plough's Vytorin 
Dampens Lipitor's Market Share 
4.3.3 Head-to-Head Clinical Study Proves Lipitor to Be More Potent Than 
4.3.4 Vytorin A Strong Contender For Market Share With Lipitor During 

4.4 Pfizer's Lipitor Challenge With Ranbaxy Will Have Significant 
Implications On Future Sales 
4.5 US WellPoint Demonstrates Generic Statins- Lovastatin, Simvastatin 
And Pravastatin To Elicit Cardiovascular Benefits 
4.6 Lipitor Global Sales Forecast 2008-2023 

4.6.1 Lipitor's Five New Indications Will Be key To Sales Growth After 
Patent Expiration 
4.6.2 Lipitor Major Market Sales Forecast 2008-2023 
4.6.3 US Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023 
4.6.4 Japan Lipitor Market Forecast 2008-2023 
4.6.5 EU Lipitor Market Forecast 2008-2023 
4.6.6 UK Lipitor Market Forecast 2008-2023 
4.6.7 France Lipitor Market Forecast 2008-2023 
4.6.8 Spain Lipitor Market Forecast 2008-2023 
4.6.9 Italy Lipitor Market Forecast 2008-2023 
4.6.10 Germany Lipitor Market Forecast 2008-2023 

4.7 Lipitor Competes With Other Non-Statin Drugs 

4.7.1 Bristol Myers Questran Is leading Anion Exchange Resin 
4.7.2 MSD and Schering-Plough's Ezetrol An Adjunct Therapy for Inhibiting 
Absorption of Cholesterol 
4.7.3 Fibrates Constitute A Significant Market 
4.7.4 Niaspan Is Key Nicotinic Acid Competitor To Lipitor 
4.7.5 Simcor- Niaspan And Generic Simivastatin Will Increase Lipitor 
4.7.6 US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Sponsors Niaspan And 
Simvastatin AIM-HIGH Study 
4.7.7 Fish Oils Industry A Growing Market and A deterrent To Lipitor Growth 

4.8 Pfizer Has Large Resources To Promo 
5. Lipitor's Key Patent Challenges 
5.1 Patent Expiration is the Major Driver in All Generic Markets 
5.2 The US Has The Largest Generics Market 
5.3 The US and European Regulation of Generic Drugs 
5.4 Pfizer's Lipitor Patent Protection Sets Benchmark In Pharmaceutical 
Industry For Protecting Brands 
5.5 Pfizer Struggles To Block Early Generic Lipitor Market Entry 
5.6 The Hatch-Waxman Act, Patent Expiration and the Promotion of Generic 
Drugs: Title I of the Act 

5.6.1 Ranbaxy To Benefit From The Hatch-Waxman Title I 
5.6.2 US First To Market 180-Day Exclusivity Period Incentive Will Be Key 
To Rambaxy's Initial Sales Success of Generic Atorvastatin 

5.7 Ranbaxy Receives Favourable Lipitor Decisions in Key EU Markets 

5.7.1 Federal Patent Court of Germany Revokes Lipitor Patent 

5.8 Lipitor Expanding Patent Contention 

5.8.1 Pfizer Versus Teva Pharmaceuticals' ANDA For Generic Atorvastatin 
5.8.2 Pfizer Versus Cobalt Pharmaceuticals For Atorvastatin Sodium A 
Potentially Marketable Product 
5.8.3 Pfizer Vs Apotex Generic Atorvastatin In Canada 

5.9 Ranbaxy Will Cover Cost of Legal Challenges From Sales of Atorvastatin 
in Key Markets 

6 Lipitor- Product Life Cycle Management (PML) 
6.1 Pfizer To Use Product Lifecycle Management to Drive Sales of Lipitor 
6.2 Pfizer's Prominent PLM Is Caduet- ``uber-pill``, a combination of 
Lipitor And Norvasc 

6.2.1 Caduet Sales Rises Significantly By 99% in 2006 

6.3 Pfizer's Torcetrapib- The Lipitor Follow-Up Drug Fails To Deliver 
6.4 Pfizer Lipitor and Peripheral Vascular Diseases 
6.5 Pfizer's LEAD Trial investigates Lipitor in Combination with Aricept 
in AD patients 
6.6. Other Lipitor Significant Clinical Studies 

6.6.1 Lipitor Pre-Clinical Data Atorvastatin Proves to be More Liver Selective Than Pravastatin 

6.6.2 Atorvastastin Clinical Data Atorvastatin Was Tolerated in Healthy Volunteers 

6.7 Cardiovascular Disease 

6.7.1 Ten milligram (10 mg) of Atorvastatin Has Significant Effect 
Lipid-Lowering Ability 
6.7.2 Coronary Artery Disease-AVERT (Atorvastatin Versus 
Revascularization Treatment) 
6.7.3 Ten milligram (10 mg) Atorvastatin is Effective in Australian 
Atorvastatin Assessment Study 
6.7.4 Myocardial Ischemia Reduction with Aggressive Cholesterol Lowering 
(MIRACL) Study 
6.7.5 ASCOT trial Demonstrates Atorvastatin to Reduce Risk of Heart Attack 
Induced by Hypertension 
6.7.6 Head-To-Head REVERSAL Trial Demonstrates that Highest Dose of 
Atorvastatin, Halted Atherosclerosis 
6.7.7 Post-Hoc Analysis in Treating New Targets (TNT ) Trial Demonstrates 
Atorvastatin 80 mg with Less Cardiovascular Events Than 10 mg dose 
6.7.8 Atorvastatin - Incremental Decrease in Endpoints Through Aggressive 
Lipid Lowering (IDEAL) Trial Reveals Significantly Fewer Risk of Secondary 
Heart Attacks 
6.7.9 CARDS study (Collaborative AtoRvastatin Diabetes Study)-Shows Marked 
Reduction in Percentages Risk of Cardiovascular Events in Diabetes Patients 
6.7.10 SPARCL study (Stroke Prevention by Aggressive Reduction in 
Cholesterol Study) 
6.7.11 Atorvastatin Lowers Cardiovascular Disease By a Significant 

6.8 Paediatric Studies Demonstrated Significant Therapeutic benefits of 
6.9 Lipitor Post Marketing Studies 
7 Lipitor Competitor Studies & Pipeline 
7.1 Lipitor worldwide clinical studies 
7.2 Competitor Agents in Development 

7.2.1 Abbott And AstraZeneca's Developmental Fibrate /Cholesterol reducing 
Agent Shows Significant Potential 
7.2.2 First Horizon's Fenofibrate (Triglide) And Aegerion's MTP Inhibitor 
(AEGR 733) 

8 Lipitor SWOT Analysis 
8.1 Lipitor First Drug of Choice For Cholesterol Treatment 
8.2 Lipid Regulator Market Will Continue to Generate High Revenues 
8.3 An Expanding Patient Population Constitutes the Principal Driver in 
the Statins Market 
8.4 Changes to Treatment Guidelines in US and Europe Can Benefit Sales Of 
8.5 The US Market Will Continue To Be Key for Lipitor's Sales Growth 
8.6 Generic Rivals Will Drive The Erosion of Lipitor's Market Share 

8.6.1 The US has the Largest Generics Market 
8.6.2 Generic Statins A Growing Presence In The US Market 
8.6.3 Rising Generic Uptake in Key EU Markets Will Impact On Lipitor Sales 
8.6.4 Generic Statins Potential Threat To Lipitor Growth As They Become 
Mainstay In Japan 

8.7 Pfizer And Astellas Reach Lipitor Settlement In Japan 
8.8 US and EU Two -Year Statin Approval Timelines Increase Competitiveness 
8.9 Lipitor A Testimony of The Crumbling Blockbuster Business Model 
8.10 Pfizer Will Need Strategies That Will Yield High ROI After Lipitor's 
Patent Expiration 
8.11 New Reformulation Will be Significant To Drive Lipitor 's Long-Term 
8.12 Liptor Still Has Significant Developmental Possibilities 
8.13 Lipitor's Prominent Indications For Diverse Cardiovascular and 
Metabolic Areas Will be Significant For Future Sales 
8.14 Lipitor Significant Trial Results Will Drive Sales 
8.15 Is Pfizer's Lipitor Success Repeatable? 
8.16 US House of Democrats Investigate Lipitor's Director-To-Customer 
Advertisement Campaign 
8.17 OTC Simvastatin Adds To Lipitor's Competition 
8.18 Anti-Counterfeiting Initiatives Will Safeguard Lipitor in Emerging 
8.19 Lipitor Will Face Pricing Competition From Generic Statins 
9 Conclusion 
9.1 Lipitor (Atorvastatin) - The Cholesterol Reducing Drug 
9.2 Lipid-regulating Drugs Generate The Highest Revenues In Cardiovascular 
9.3 Statin Drugs Are Significant Market for Leading Pharmaceutical 
9.4 Lipitor (Atorvastatin) Is The World's Highest Selling Drug 
9.5 Lipitor Sales Are Most Significant In the US Market 

9.5.1 Lipitor Sales in other Key Markets 
9.5.2 Lipitor Global Sales Forecast 2008-2023 

9.6 Lipitor's Faces Competition From Key Rivals 
9.7 Non-Statin Drug Therapies Market Expands 
9.8 Pfizer Using Product Lifecycle Management to Drive Sales of Lipitor 
9.9 Caduet Positioned To Experience Strong Sales After Lipitor Expiration 
9.10 Ranbaxy's Successsful Patent Lawsuits Against Pfizer In Key Markets 
Will Be Costly To Lipitor's Future Sales 
9.11 Visiongain Concludes that Loyalty from Pfizer and Brand ``Lipitor's`` 
Key Stakeholders Will Confer Future Sales 
List of Tables 
Table 2.1 Lipoprotein Patterns (Fredrickson Phenotypes) 
Table 2.2 Genetic Variations In Dyslipidaemia 
Table 2.3 Obese Population in Major Countries by Percentage (%) 
Table 4.1 Sales Distribution of Cardiovascular Disease Market, 2006 
Table 4.2 Leading Companies in Cardiovascular Market, 2006 
Table 4.3 Sales Distribution of Leading Anti-Atheroma Therapies, 2006 
Table 4.4 Leading Markets In Cholesterol and Triglyceride Drugs 
Table 4.5 Global Sales of Top Ten Leading Statin Drugs, 2006 
Table 4.6 Market Share of Lipitor in leading Markets, 2003-2006 
Table 4.7 Lipitor Sales in Key EU Markets, 2003-2006 
Table 4.8 Comparison of Effects on Cholesterol Levels 
Table 4.9 Comparison of Dose Effects on LDL Cholesterol (LDL-C) 
Table 4.10 Lipitor (Atorvastatin) Patents Expiration In Major Markets 
Table 4.11 Lipitor Global Sales Forecast 2008-2023 
Table 4.12 US Lipitor Global Sales Forecast 2008-2023 
Table 4.13 Japan Lipitor Global Sales Forecast 2008-2023 
Table 4.14 UK Lipitor Global Sales Forecast 2008-2023 
Table 4.15 France Lipitor Global Sales Forecast 2008-2023 
Table 4.16 Spain Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023 
Table 4.17 Italy Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023 
Table 4.18 Lipitor Sales In Germany, 2003-2006 
Table 4.19 Germany Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023 
Table 4.20 Leading Fibrate Drugs, 2006 
Table 4.21 Leading Anti-atheroma Preparations Of Natural Origin (Fish Oil 
Products), 2006 
Table 5.1 The Top Ten US Generic Drugs by Revenue ($m) and Units, 2006 
Table 5.2 US Top Ten Generic Drugs as a Function of Combined Branded and 
Generic Drugs by Prescription Number (m) and Revenues ($m),2006 
Table.5.3 Prescription Number (m), 2004 Top 10 Generic Drugs, Dispensed by 
Prescriptions in the US, 2006 
Table 5.4 Lipitor (Atorvastatin) Patents In Major Markets 
Table 5.5 Ranbaxy /Pfizer (Atorvastatin) Patents Challenges In Other Markets
Table 6.1 Pfizer Post Marketing Lipitor Studies 
Table 6.2 Pfizer's Lipitor Phase III Studies 
Table 7.1 Competitors Post Marketing Cardiovascular Agents Studies Including
Table 7.2 Competitors Comparative Phase III Cardiovascular Agents Including 
Table 7.3 Competitors Comparative Phase II Cardiovascular Agents Including 
Table 7.4 Competitors Comparative Phase I Cardiovascular Agents Including 
Table 7.5 Competitors Other Comparative Cardiovascular Agents Including 
Table 8.1 Lipitor Market SWOT Analysis 
List of Figures 
Figure 1.1 Market Shares of Leading Statin Drugs, 2006 
Figure 1.2 Lipitor Sales in key leading markets, 2003-2006 
Figure 1.3 Lipitor Market Share in key leading markets, 2003-2006 
Figure 4.1 Sales Distribution of Cardiovascular Disease Market, 2006 
Figure 4.2 Leading Companies in Cardiovascular Market, 2006 
Figure 4.3 Sales Distribution of Leading Anti-Atheroma Therapies, 2006 
Figure 4.4 Leading Markets Share In Cholesterol and Triglyceride Drugs 
Figure 4.5 Sales Distribution of Top Ten Leading Statin Drugs, 2006 
Figure 4.6 Sales Distribution of Top Five Leading Statin Drugs, 2006 
Figure 4.7 Market Share of Lipitor in leading Markets, 2006 
Figure 4.8 Lipitor Sales in Key EU Market, 2006 
Figure 4.9 Market Share of Lipitor in Key EU Market, 2006 
Figure 4.10 Lipitor Global Sales Forecast 2008-2023 
Figure 4.11 US Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023 
Figure 4.12 Japan Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023 
Figure 4.13 UK Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023 
Figure 4.14 France Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023 
Figure 4.15 Spain Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023 
Figure 4.16 Italy Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023 
Figure 4.17 Lipitor Sales In Germany, 2003-2006 
Figure 4.18 Germany Lipitor Market Forecasts 2008-2023

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