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Examine The Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market Analysis 2008-2018

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The Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market Analysis 2008-2018

The military simulation and virtual training market has seen dramatic growth in the last decade and it is expected to grow steadily over the next ten years. Increasing concerns over training costs, time and risk of life have forced military forces around the world to adapt technologies such as computer-based simulators and computer wargames in military training. Most importantly, simulation and virtual training have so far proved to be not only cost-effective but also an effective way to train military staff in a wide range of activities. Those functions range from weapons training to flying and even medical training. Both combat and non-combat applications for military simulations and gaming technologies with increase significantly during the period 2008-2018, concludes this brand-new in-depth defence market report - The Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market 2008-2018.

Why you should read this report:

This new high-level analysis delivers key strategies on the technologies and the relevant markets in detail. In The Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market 2008-2018, you will find the following valuable information:

- Where the military simulation and virtual training market is now and how it is likely to develop from 2008-2018

- Sales forecasts for the worldwide military simulation and virtual training market and main sub-markets from 2008-2018

- Which are the main companies involved in the development of relevant simulation technologies and what are their main activities there, including defence contracts

- What are the main drivers of the military simulation market

- What are the main restraints in the military simulation market

- Expert views from an original survey, including five detailed interview transcripts from discussions with senior personnel in industry and the military

- What are the future trends and challenges in that market - both technological and commercial - from the present onwards

- Why military organisations are increasingly attracted to game-based simulation

- Which military forces are most interested in developing computer games

- Developmental and commercial partnerships in this sector.

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Military applications for this technology can build upon the great technological and commercial success of many consumer products in gaming and simulations. Several companies have achieved wide success in gaming and simulations software in the consumer market, again suggesting the potential growth achievable in military and other industrial applications between 2008 and late next decade. Which companies are benefiting most? Find out now.

The latest visiongain report - The Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market 2008-2018 - analyses the market for simulation and virtual training in defence worldwide. This study looks into the future and identifies the key issues, forces and market players that will affect the market, as well as principal applications for the technologies. Visiongain believes that the US is leading the world simulation and virtual training market, but do you know which other countries will drive the world market significantly? What sales revenues will this market generate from 2008-2018, both overall and in main sub-markets? Which companies are prominent in this market sector? This new visiongain report answers those questions and many more. No company involved in simulations technology or computer gaming can afford to ignore the potential of the defence market.

With comprehensive analyses - including detailed tables and graphs - this report shows how the military simulation and virtual training market will generate multi-billion dollar revenues in years to come. In addition to consultation with experts in industry and government, this research involves a detailed study of relevant document and current developments. Importantly, visiongain applied techniques such as its in-house financial forecasting software and qualitative analysis. The result is a comprehensive market-based report with detailed analyses and informed opinion. Companies in gaming and simulations technology could benefit significantly from being aware of the opportunities in the expanding defence simulation and virtual training market, as this report shows.

1 Executive Summary
2 Introduction to Military Simulation and Virtual Training
2.1 Types of Simulation

2.1.1 Constructive Simulation
2.1.2 Virtual Simulation

2.2 Background to Simulation and Virtual Training
2.3 Simulators

2.3.1 Flight Simulators
2.3.2 Helicopter Simulators
2.3.3 Medical Simulators
2.3.4 Equipment Maintenance Simulators
2.3.5 Combat Simulators Convoy Simulators Small Arms Training Simulators

2.3.6 UAV Training Simulators
2.3.7 Advantages of Simulators

2.4 Technological and Commercial Successes in the Consumer Games/Simulators
 Industry Can Benefit Military Applications
3 Trends in Military Simulation and Virtual Training
3.1 Gaming Applications
3.2 Small Arms Training
3.3 COTS Products
3.4 3-D Simulation Technology
3.5 Network Simulation

3.5.1 US Army's Network Simulation Programmes WARSIM Programme One Semi-Automated Forces

4 Game-Based Simulations
4.1 Cost Savings vs. Increases in Benefits
4.2 Advancement in Software and Processing Power
4.3 Benefits of Military Games
4.4 US Army Sets up New Project Office for Games
4.5 The US-UK Coalition Research Programme
4.6 Commercial Games
4.7 Strategy and Tactical Games
4.8 Serious Games
4.9 Why is the Military Turning to Serious Games?
4.10 Military Games
4.11 Army Games

4.11.1 America's Army Full Spectrum Warrior Battle Command 2010 (BC2010) Battlefield 1942 Ambush DARWARS Tactical Language Trainer Decisive Action Army Research Lab Trainer for Xbox Digital Warrior Full Spectrum Command Delta Force V/Land Warrior

4.11.2 Air Force Games Avant Guard Falcon 4 JVID and Finflash Project X Quick Strike-Time sensitive Targeting Trainer Starcraft

4.11.3 Marine Games Soldier of Fortune (SOF) Medal of Honor Close Combat Marines

4.11.4 Navy Games Flight Simulator Battle Station 21 Bottom Gun Forward Observer Jane's Fleet Command Navy Anti-Terror Simulation Game SOCOM: US Navy Seals Sub Command Harpoon 2

4.12 COTS Games

4.12.1 Advantages of COTS Games
4.12.2 Disadvantages of COTS Games
4.13 Future of Game-based simulation

5 Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market Forecasts 2008-2018
5.1 World Military Simulation Virtual Training Market Forecasts 2008-2018
5.1.1 US and Rest of World Sales and Market Shares Will Show Interesting
 Trends from 2008 to 2018
5.2 Global Military Simulation Market: Forecasts for Main Sub-Markets
6 Military Simulation and Virtual Training Contracts Worldwide
6.1 The United States

6.1.1 US Army Contracts
6.1.2 US Air Force Contracts
6.1.3 US Marine Corporation Contracts
6.1.4 US Navy Contracts
6.1.5 Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

6.2 Germany
6.3 The United Kingdom
6.4 The Netherlands
6.5 Canada
6.6 France
6.7 Denmark
6.8 Italy
6.9 India
6.10 Saudi Arabia
6.11 Israel
6.12 Czech Republic
6.13 Norway
6.14 Poland
6.15 Other Contracts
7 Forces Affecting the Simulation and Virtual Training Market Worldwide
7.1 Principle Drivers in Simulation and Training Market 2008-2018
7.2 Strong Growth Expected in Simulation Market
7.3 Principle Restraints in Simulation and Virtual Training Market 2008-2018
7.4 Obstacles to Market Growth
8 Interviews with Industry Experts: Discussions of Military Simulation and
 Virtual Training Market from 2008-2018
8.1 Interview 1: Kristen A. Dooley, Public Affairs Officer, PEO STRI
 Programme Executive Office Simulation, Training and Instrumentation, US

8.1.1 PEO STRI Simulation Programmes
8.1.2 2009 Budget Allocation
8.1.3 PEO STRI's Challenges and Major Trends

8.2 Interview 2: Mr Ben Sawyer President of the Portland Consulting Firm
 Digitalmill and Co-Director of the Serious Games Initiative

8.2.1 Gaming Technology's Influence on Military
8.2.2 Serious Games Market

8.3 Interview 3: Mr Andrew Dann, International Sales Director of Laser
 Shot, United Kingdom Simulation Market Growth

8.3.1 Growth of Simulation Market
8.3.2 Prospects of Simulation Market
8.3.3 Issues and Trends in Simulation Industry

8.4 Interview 4: Mr Chris Evans, Director of Advanced Interactive Solutions
 Ltd, UK

8.4.1 Major Simulation Markets
8.4.2 Technological Developments over the Past Decade
8.4.3 Biggest Threats to Market Growth

8.5 Interview 5: Ms Lucinda Brown, Director of Marketing, Scalable Network
 Technologies, US

8.5.1 Network Simulation is a Growing Market

9 Company Profiles
9.1 Advanced Interactive Systems
9.2 Thales
9.3 Meta VR
9.4 Meggitt Defence
9.5 Cubic Corporation
9.6 CAE
9.7 Laser Shot
9.8 L-3 Communications
9.9 Lockheed Martin
9.10 3DSolve
9.11 Bohemia Interactive Australia
9.12 BreakAway Ltd.
9.13 Vcom3D Inc.
9.14 Alion Science and Technology
9.15 Scalable Network Technologies
9.16 Raytheon
9.17 Boeing
10 Conclusions of the Study
List of Tables
Table 5.1 World Simulation and Virtual Training Market Forecast 2007-2012
Table 5.2 World Simulation and Virtual Training Market Forecast 2013-2018
Table 5.3 World Simulation and Virtual Training Market CAGR 2007-2018
Table 5.4 US and Rest of World Virtual Training Market Forecast 2007-2012
Table 5.5 US and Rest of World Virtual Training Market Forecast 2013-2018
Table 5.6 US and Rest of the World Market Share 2007,2013 & 2018
Table 5.7 Sub-Market Forecasts 2007-2012
Table 5.8 Sub-Market Forecasts 2013-2018
Table 5.9 Share for Sub-Markets 2007, 2013 & 2018
Table 5.10 Sub-Market CAGR Values for 2007-2018
Table 7.1 SWOT Analysis for the Global Military Simulation and Virtual
 Training Market from 2008-2018
List of Figures
Figure 5.1 World Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market Forecast
Figure 5.2 US and Rest of the World Forecasts 2007-2018
Figure 5.3 US and Rest of the World Compared 2007-2018
Figure 5.4 US and Rest of the World Market Shares 2008-2018
Figure 5.5 US and Rest of the World Share 2007
Figure 5.6 US and Rest of the World Share 2013
Figure 5.7 US and Rest of the World Share 2018
Figure 5.8 Sub-Market Forecasts 2007-2018
Figure 5.9 Sub-Market Sales Compared 2007, 2013 & 2018
Figure 5.10 Share for Sub-Markets 2007
Figure 5.11 Share for Sub-Markets 2013
Figure 5.12 Share for Sub-Markets 2018

More Details

AAI Corporation
Advanced Interactive Systems
Advanced simulation technologies
Advanced System Solutions
AGEIA Technologies
Alion Science and Technology Corporation
Atlantis Systems International
Atomic Games
BAE Systems
Bohemia Interactive Australia
BreakAway Ltd
BVR systems
Cubic Corporation
Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC)
Elbit Systems
Electronic Arts
Engineering and Computer Simulations (ECS)
HSP Simulation
Kongsberg Maritime
L-3 Communications
Laser shot
Lockheed Martin
MAK Technologies
Meggitt Defence
Meta VR
Microsoft Game Studios
Newman & Spur Consultancy
Northrop Grumman
Redifun Simulation
Rheinmetall Defence
Rockstar Games
Rockwell Collins
Scalable Network Technologies
Science Applications International Corporations (SAIC)
There Inc
United Industrial Corporation
URS Corporation
Vcom3D Inc

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