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Examine the Regional telecoms overview - Western Europe

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Regional telecoms overview - Western Europe

The mature telecoms markets of Western Europe pose an increasingly difficult challenge to operators in finding innovative services and differentiators to generate growth in both customers and revenues. Here we provide an overview of the key financial and operational developments of Western European incumbents and altnets in 2007.

Table of contents

Key messages

Domestic markets struggling for growth
Overseas revenues are still a key driver of growth
Value-added services continue to gain momentum
Investing for the future
Cost management crucial during transition phase
Scope of research

Domestic market getting tougher

Diminishing installed base of fixed lines
Slowing broadband access growth
VoIP and IPTV are key growth drivers
Despite growth, VoIP and IPTV are still failing to plug the gap for many
Mobile growth slows
Even slower domestic mobile revenue growth
Domestic revenues have stagnated

International revenues essential for overall growth

Fast growth abroad
Increasing dependency on international revenues

Overall financials

Moderate revenue growth for most
Mixed record on profitability
Costs increased across the board
Slight downturn in efficiency
Capex was up
Debt levels rose slightly

Table of figures

Figure 1 Domestic fixed line decline/growth 2006-2007
Figure 2 Growth in domestic retail broadband connections, 2006-2007
Figure 3 Growth in VoIP subscribers 2006-2007 (000s)
Figure 4 Growth in domestic TV subscribers 2006-2007
Figure 5 Change in domestic fixed revenues 2006-2007
Figure 6 Domestic mobile subscriber growth 2006-2007
Figure 7 Change in domestic mobile revenues 2006-2007
Figure 8 Change in domestic revenues 2006-2007
Figure 9 Growth in international revenues 2006-2007
Figure 10 Change in international revenues as a proportion of total revenues
Figure 11 Change in revenues 2006-2007
Figure 12 EBITDA margins 2006-2007
Figure 13 EBIT margins 2006-2007
Figure 14 Change in operating costs 2006-2007
Figure 15 Change in headcount 2006-2007
Figure 16 Staff costs as a percentage of revenues 2006-2007
Figure 17 Annual revenues per employee 2006-2007
Figure 18 Change in capex 2006-2007
Figure 19 Capex as a percentage of revenues 2006-2007
Figure 20 Change in net debt 2006-2007
Figure 21 Net debt as a percentage of revenues 2006-2007

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Regional telecoms overview - Western Europe

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