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Examine the Social networking: competitive differentiation strategies

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Social networking: competitive differentiation strategies

2007 was the year that social networking became the norm for many Internet users, as initial strong growth pushed the user base into the multiple millions. But it was also the year that sounded warning bells for those who believe social networking represents the next frontier in online advertising revenues. A sobering slowdown in growth, combined with a more worrying drop in usage of social networking sites, has highlighted the significant challenges that the big established players, in particular, face in keeping users engaged.

This could well sway the odds in favour of some of the more specialised sites, who are able to focus on catering to the needs of different audiences. In the short term, all players will be aggressively developing new ways of making sites stickier (and more profitable) and forging new partnerships with third parties, ranging from mobile operators to application developers.

Table of contents

Key Messages

Market development

Social networking companies: tread carefully on valuations
2007 sees high growth... and a tailing off
User engagement is on the decline
Social networking becomes the norm
Normal can also mean banal
Social networking goes global
Facebook versus MySpace: the draw of rich media

Privacy and protection: key issues

The importance of user control
Who's got my data?
The fight for better protection

Social networking 3.0: the shape of things to come

The next big online opportunity?
The fight for revenues will get tougher
Can targeted advertising come to the rescue?
A softer, more subtle approach
New applications, new revenues?
The mobile opportunity
New audiences: getting closer to users
The draw of higher security sites
Special interest groups
More value, more revenue opportunities
Developing markets

Table of figures

Figure 1 Social networking: total visitors December 2006-December 2007
Figure 2 Average minutes per visitor: December 2006-December 2007
Table 1 MySpace versus Facebook usage
Table 2 Top online sites by genre where ads were placed, 18-24 February 2008
Table 3 Facebook demographic profile

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Social networking: competitive differentiation strategies

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