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September 20, 2010 13:48 ET

Executive Search Dating Presents 'The NHL Hockey Season Dating Guidebook' For Vancouver Singles

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 20, 2010) - With the long, warm summer nights behind us Vancouverites are preparing themselves for their favourite season of the year: 'Vancouver Canucks Season'. Not ones to let a good opportunity for local singles go to waste, the Professional Matchmakers at Executive Search Dating, the Vancouver dating service focused on local singles and professionals, have some advice for Vancouver singles: let the NHL hockey season be your friend! According to Paddi Rice, Chief Matchmaker and President of Executive Search Dating, there are a number of ways that Vancouver singles can capitalize on Canucks Fever.

"If there is one thing that unites most single Vancouverites, it's their love of sports and activities," says Rice "And at this time of year, you would definitely put hockey at the top of that list. Although not everyone enjoys hockey, it can be a great way for singles to get themselves out there and meet new people. This is also coupled with the fact that besides Halloween and Thanksgiving (which is more of a family affair), there aren't that many other events and activities going on between now and year's end which get Vancouverites as excited as the start of the hockey season."

"The great thing about hockey in a Canadian city is that it tends to bring people together around a common theme, and it can be a great conversation starter. Our clients, who tend to be busy singles that aren't into the typical bar scene and don't want to waste their time trolling through online dating profiles, a sports pub or lounge on a game night can be a nice change. The atmosphere tends to be a lot more relaxed, and in some cases the hockey game is almost secondary in importance, so it can be a great time to meet some new people."

With the start of the NHL hockey season only a few weeks away, here is Executive Search Dating's 'NHL Hockey Season Dating Guidebook' for Vancouver singles:

  • It's not about the game: don't let your limited knowledge or enthusiasm for hockey deter you… being there IS the game. A little cheering, complete with beer and appetizers, can be fun AND a great way to connect with fellow singles, hockey fans and non-hockey fans alike.
  • Season tickets NOT required: although watching a hockey game live can be fun, it can also get expensive. Also, a large 20 thousand person arena full of rabid hockey fans is actually NOT a great place to mingle and meet new people. Instead, try any one of the many sports lounges and pubs around the city… besides the more relaxed atmosphere, the hockey fans tend to be a little bit less focussed on the game and therefore more open to chatting.
  • Knowledge is power: no, you don't need to be Don Cherry (or even Ron MacLean), but arming yourself beforehand with a little hockey knowledge (such as key players to watch, basic statistics, etc.) can do two things: it will enhance your enjoyment of the game, and give you a couple of natural conversation starters should you meet someone new.
  • The gift that keeps on giving: unlike the NFL football season, where most games take place on weekend afternoons, the NHL hockey season offers 82 evening opportunities to watch your home team live on TV. Away games, which often start at 4:30pm local time, can be a great 'after work drinks' opportunity; whereas home games offer 2 benefits: the 7pm local start time fits in well for an evening out, plus you get the added benefit of 20 thousand (hopefully victorious) Canucks fans streaming into the cities hot spots once the game is over.
  • Take the first shot: waiting for someone to approach you and say 'hi' can be a frustrating way to meet people in any city, particularly in Vancouver where singles are often a bit reluctant to approach new people. Try the following can't miss approach line this hockey season: 'Hi, are you enjoying the game?'

Executive Search Dating (www.ExecutiveSearchDating.com) is a professional matchmaking service founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2004 by Paddi Rice. Modeled after the Executive Search recruiting (or 'headhunting') industry, and unlike traditional dating services, Executive Search Dating matches their client base both with existing clients AND with headhunts who are proactively sought out and carefully screened specifically for them. This unique aspect offers Executive Search Dating clients increased selection and quality of compatible matches.

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