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January 27, 2015 11:13 ET

eXelate Announces Customer Data Cloud™: a Breakthrough in Cross-Platform Marketing

Marketers Can Now Leverage Data Across All Screens and Devices, Including Mobile, Audio and Smart TV

Company Also Announces Innovative Programs in Marketing Technology Education and Services

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jan 27, 2015) - eXelate, the leading provider of data technology that powers the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem, today announced the availability of the eXelate customer data cloud™. A major breakthrough in cross-platform marketing, the customer data cloud connects data marketplace, data management and analytics solutions in one suite of tools supported by unified customer profiles, which connect anonymous customer identities across all devices and channels -- including display, video, mobile, audio, smart TV and offline sales -- enabling marketers to engage individuals and households with tailored messages and measure performance at scale. For related announcement see here.

eXelate's customer data cloud helps marketers navigate complex customer journeys and path-to-purchase decisions across all devices -- actionable information previously accessible only to technology giants and large media holders. The new offering is an integrated evolution of eXelate's rich data assets, massive technology infrastructure, and industry-leading measurement solutions. To help marketers capitalize on the new capabilities, eXelate also unveiled new programs designed to educate marketers on the technology, as well as services to help them succeed.

A New Standard for Marketers

In the December 2014 report, "The Future of Digital Media Buying," Forrester Research, Inc. senior analyst Richard Joyce writes that, "Marketers with rich consumer data understand that having a clear audience data strategy is critical to integrating disparate internal databases with programmatic technologies. Taking ownership of data management integrations enables marketers to create a unified approach to audience-based marketing and create flexible strategies that can adapt to continually evolving consumer behavior."

Within the report, Joyce urges marketers to take control of their data strategy in order to understand the true value of their customers.

"It's a new day for marketers who wish to be data-empowered," said Mark Zagorski, CEO of eXelate. "The eXelate customer data cloud makes it possible for them to engage intelligently with their customers at every step of the complex and fragmented customer journey. By aggregating all the relevant data and technology in the cloud, we can help organizations identify, understand, and engage their customers, throughout multiple touch points, across all devices and platforms."

The eXelate customer data cloud will also push the industry forward by enabling technology vendors -- in the display, audio, mobile, and smart TV markets -- to introduce innovative solutions for their customers. Two launch partners in the audio and smart-TV world include Triton Digital and Innovid.

"Our integration with eXelate enables Triton Digital's TAP and a2x clients to leverage the most sophisticated ad targeting data in the world," said Mike Agovino, COO of audio technology company Triton Digital. "We're pleased to be among the first technology partners for eXelate's new customer data cloud, empowering advertisers to programmatically target streaming audio listeners who consume content on multiple devices."

"Programmatic buying introduced an efficient way to find and deliver the relevant message to the right person," says Tal Chalozin, CTO of video advertising platform Innovid. "By partnering with eXelate and Roku, we are able to bring the notion of programmatic into the creative in order to leverage consumer data on any screen and device including smart TV, and provide customized content that drives superior brand engagement."

True Cross-Platform Marketing: Now Via the Cloud

The eXelate customer data cloud is comprised of the following components:

eXelate data marketplace includes the largest pool of the most accurate third-party data -- across all screens and devices -- than any other platform today.

eXelate data management platform (DMP) is the enterprise data platform with the ability to manage and activate first- and third-party data for enhanced customer analytics, industry leading audience modeling, and highly accurate targeting across all screens via integrations with more than 125 mobile, video, display and connected TV platforms.

eXelate analytics is a suite of proprietary customer insight and closed-loop measurement tools that enable brands to better understand customer engagement in real time, and track digital marketing campaign impact from online reaction to offline sales.

The integrated eXelate customer data cloud solution enables marketers to provide both their prospects and current customers with relevant and contextually appropriate messages throughout the customer journey to effectively engage omni-channel consumers at scale.

"With the eXelate customer data cloud, the actions your customer takes on her smartphone can help you understand what to say to her when she's in front of her TV, listening to streaming audio, or actually scanning product info via her laptop the moment she's ready to buy," said Julie Ginches, chief marketing officer (CMO) at eXelate. "Goodbye to the days of communicating irrelevant or redundant messages with your customer. Hello to the era of personalized advertising and content for your customer, even on TV, the final frontier for cross-platform marketing."

New Programs in Education and Services

In support of the launch of the eXelate customer data cloud, eXelate also announced the launch of two programs: data technology education and customer data cloud services. The eXelate customer data lab -- launching in the first quarter in 2015 -- will provide a series of online and offline programs to educate professionals on how to design and manage data-driven marketing campaigns. eXelate customer data cloud services will provide support from the industry's only in-house data science and data modeling teams. Advisory services for implementation, integrations and ongoing success, will be based on a team with deep experience from industry leaders Accenture, WPP, Harte-Hanks, Merkle and numerous other marketing technology consulting groups.

"Marketers today need to understand the strategic impact -- and increasingly, the nuts and bolts -- of data-driven marketing," said Zagorski. "With the eXelate customer data lab and eXelate customer data cloud services, marketers can ensure they remain ahead of the competition."

About eXelate
eXelate, the leading provider of data technology that powers the digital marketing ecosystem, is working to educate, elevate, and empower marketers at a time when customer data fluency is the most important competitive advantage. The eXelate customer data cloud™ includes its highly scalable first party data-management platform, the industry's largest data marketplace featuring proprietary and branded targeting data reaching billions of global consumers, and pioneering analytics solutions that leverage both, creating closed-loop real time measurement and accurate, actionable, insights. A major breakthrough in cross-platform marketing, eXelate enables marketers to engage customers across all screens and devices. As a member of the NAI, IAB, trustE, Council for Accountable Advertising, and Evidon's Open Data Partnership, eXelate adheres to privacy compliant advertising practices. For more information, please visit or follow @eXelate. 

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