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December 02, 2009 02:00 ET

Expands International Reach into China

                                                                                       2 December 2009
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                         National Milk Records plc ('NMR' or 'the Company')
                               Expands International Reach into China

National  Milk  Records  Plc,  the PLUS-quoted leading provider of livestock  services,  is  actively
looking  to  expand  its international reach and utilise its world leading milk  recording  and  farm
management software in countries with developing dairy industries.  NMR has been working on a  number
of  collaborative projects which could see its premier software and expertise in the UK dairy  sector
utilised  in  China following Managing Director Andy Warne's well received talk at  the  Sino-British
International  Conference  of  Cattle  Farming  and  Animal  Disease  Prevention  and  Control  ('the

The  Conference was convened to explore the potential business opportunities between the UK and China
and  to  enhance China's network for the innovation and commercialisation in the dairy and  livestock
sector as the government looks to improve the health of its population through the increased presence
of  dairy  products and milk to its diet.  Andy Warne was invited by the Royal Veterinary College  to
speak  at  the  event  to  emphasise the importance of applying quality research  to  the  dairy  and
livestock sectors which can increase milk production by up to 30% and improve milk traceability.

NMR's  technology  provides  an  ideal  solution to China's concerns  regarding  quality  and  yield,
providing  the  farmer with accurate and extensive information about the health and strength  of  the
herd.   Current  yields in China average between 2,000 and 3,000 litres per cow per  annum,  although
they aspire to yield approximately 6,000 litres.  At present, a key barrier to milk production is the
lack of summer grazing and the logistics of importing supplementary feed.

NMR  Managing Director Andy Warne said, "Our premier software and extensive service plays  a  crucial
role  to  farmers  working  within the dairy sector both on a domestic and international  level.   We
believe that our technology has the capacity to provide effective solutions to concerns about quality
and  efficiency  which  affect those operating in the dairy sector and  our  expertise  is  certainly
transferable to advancing dairy markets.

"The  Conference  has  increased our presence in China as experts in  farm  management  and  we  have
embarked upon a number of projects and discussions in an effort to reach government targets.  This is
perfectly  in line with our strategy to increase our geographic reach and demonstrate the  importance
of research and management in a sector where quality and research is vital."

The Directors of NMR are responsible for the contents of this announcement.

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National  Milk Records plc is a PLUS-quoted supplier of milk recording services in the UK,  providing
management information on individual cow's performance in terms of milk quality, yield and fertility.
The  Company is acknowledged by the industry as the market leader in the provision of milk  recording
services and herd management software and support.

The  Group's two wholly owned subsidiaries, National Milk Laboratories ('NML') and National Livestock
Records ('NLR') expand the Company's reach across various areas of the dairy and red meat industries.
Through NMR and NLR, the Group works with both the buyer and the producer to eliminate disease within
the herd.

NML  provides  testing  to  all of the major UK milk buyers, analysing nearly  all  the  liquid  milk
consumed  in  the UK.  The subsidiary utilises the parent companies nationwide transport network  and
with  laboratories in Wolverhampton and Glasgow working 24/7 is able to provide results within a  few
hours  of  the  sample collection.  The Group is able to capitalise on current legislation  governing
food production and hygiene, and the demand from retailers for clean produce, traceable to farms that
provide a high level of animal welfare by working with both milk producer and the buyer.  The Company
provides  a  wide range of analysis which helps to provide aggregate data of value to vets,  research
and educational organisations, feed producers and equipment manufacturers.

NLR derives revenue through the distribution of ear tags to dairy and beef cattle, collection of data
for  sheep breed societies and RFID traceability through the abattoir.  NLR is working alongside  the
Welsh  Assembly  Government on a project designed to improve efficiency in the  sheep  industry.  The
Technology, Agriculture and Greater Efficiencies Project ('TAG') includes the use if RFID  technology
and  the development of a central database.  From 1 January 2010 EU legislation states that all sheep
in  Europe  must  be electronically tagged, and NLR is developing systems to allow  farmers  to  take
advantage of this by using the tag to provide information on the history and movements of the animal.

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