May 12, 2008 07:00 ET

Expedia.ca-Vacation Deprivation 2008: Are Canadian Employees Green with Vacation Envy?


TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 12, 2008) - Beginning on May 14, 2008, Expedia.ca and Ipsos-Reid are releasing the results of their annual Vacation Deprivation survey highlighting Canadians who do not take all their vacation time. Are Canadians more vacation deprived than last year? Can taking vacations lead to improved health and even give workers the revitalization needed to be more productive?

This year's survey looks at whether Canadians feel envy when co-workers return from vacation and focuses on the impact of technology like Blackberries and PDAs on vacation deprivation.

Beverly Beuermann-King, stress and wellness specialist, is available starting Wednesday, May 14th to provide insight on the following topics:

- 2008 Canadian vacation deprivation trends

-- Are Canadians more vacation-deprived than last year?

-- What are the barriers Canadians face in taking time off?

- Vacation Envy - Coveting thy neighbour's holiday

-- Does jealousy over co-workers' vacations lead Canadians to pursue plans of their own?

-- Are women more jealous than men when it comes to vacation envy?

-- Tips to turn that frown upside down - spinning vacation envy into an opportunity to plan vacations

- Vacation stimulation by employers - How can employers give their workers the incentive to take their vacations?

- Blackberries, PDAs, cell phones - oh my!

-- With technology like Blackberries, PDAs, and cell phones, the office can follow workers everywhere. Does technology intensify vacation deprivation for Canadians?

-- Some workers prefer to stay connected anytime, anywhere with an office away from the office. Do mobile devices and pocket PCs help bring some Canadians one step closer on their quest for vacations?

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