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May 19, 2008 09:00 ET

Expert System Launches New Semantic Intelligence Software, COGITO Focus

Presentation at the Semantic Technology Conference Will Demo New Semantic Search Engine That Performs Interactive Analysis in Multiple Languages and Data Sources

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - Semantic Technology Conference -- Expert System, leading provider of semantic software that discovers, classifies and interprets text information, today announces the launch of COGITO Focus, a new and effective way to access decision-centric information by optimizing research and analysis activities. Most search and semantic technologies are extremely limited when processing text, especially within unstructured documents such as reports, email messages and blog comments, since they only use keywords and statistics. COGITO Focus quickly and accurately performs interactive analysis on all unstructured information, and discovers search terms in their proper context by employing a 100-percent semantic approach.

When running a search with standard information-access technology, the results only contain pages that have the chosen keyword in the text. For example, when looking for information on "luxury cars," a typical search will turn up those exact words and leave out pages containing "Mercedes" or "Jaguar," though they may be relevant to the search. Additionally, if the search term is "Jaguar," pertaining to the auto brand, a typical search will list contents about the animal in addition to the car, making it more difficult to find and analyze the requested information.

COGITO Focus wholly addresses this problem. It traces and compares information in the search, individuates all structural and lexical aspects of the text, identifies conceptual links among various words, sentences, paragraphs and documents, and performs disambiguation and evolved semantic comprehension. In moments, COGITO Focus automatically uncovers documents relevant to a search, even when the user is unsure what exactly he or she is looking for.

"'It's in the safe' and 'It is safe' are sentences nearly identical in form, but with completely different meanings," explains J. Brooke Aker, chief executive officer of Expert System's U.S. subsidiary. "Such differences are not recognized by standard information-access technologies that only retrieve keywords. COGITO Focus distinguishes between the two sentences and understands their true meanings, especially when the query is written in a full sentence."

COGITO Focus utilizes Expert System's innovative semantic network to achieve true machine understanding. The semantic network contains 350,000 definitions and 2.8 million relationships for the English language. "'San Jose' is defined as a city, but it also has a relationship to the word 'California' in a geographic dimension," Mr. Aker said. "A semantic network shows how the words relate to one another and this allows Expert System's technology to make deductions about the intended use of a word that has multiple meanings."

COGITO Focus currently uses the semantic networks Expert System built in other languages, such as Arabic, so machine understanding can be achieved across barriers and independent of native speakers. CEO J. Brooke Aker will demonstrate the benefits of multi-language semantic search in a keynote speech at the Semantic Technology Conference on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 7:15 a.m.

During the speech, "Whales & Cat Fur - Using a Semantic Network to Improve Precision & Recall," Mr. Aker will explore the construction, content, and relationships among an English language semantic network and then present its equivalent in Arabic. COGITO Focus is the first platform to provide advanced semantic analysis in the Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages.

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