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HHI Healthcare Solutions

September 03, 2013 09:00 ET

Explore Resilience for Students™ Online Learning System: Impacting Students' Outcomes and Strengthening Resilience for Academic and Life Success

HILTON HEAD, SOUTH CAROLINA--(Marketwired - Sept. 3, 2013) - Explore Resilience™ announces the official launch of Explore Resilience for Students™ Online Learning System, powered by HHI Healthcare Solutions™ and developed by two leading healthcare experts Dr. Gail Wagnild and Dr. Rose Gantner. By combining resilience research, positive psychology techniques, self-assessments, and data capture tools, students learn how to reframe situations, recognize good decision making, strengthen resilience and improve academic performance.

The latest National College Health Assessment Survey, which surveyed over 29,000 students, uncovered unsettling facts about the state of students' mental wellbeing. It states that 85 percent of students "felt overwhelmed by all they had to do", 30 percent "felt so depressed that it was difficult to function" and 50 percent "felt overwhelming anxiety" within the past 12 months. Although troubling, the study does reinforce the important role parents can play in helping their child locate valuable resources to address these issues.

Nicole Whittle, president of Explore Resilience Canada, commented, "Going off to college should be exciting not stressful. We look forward to partnering with post-secondary institutions, parents and students to directly address these issues, and help students succeed in their academic and personal lives."

Explore Resilience for Students includes the Resilience Scale™, a unique feature among online learning systems in the marketplace. It provides baseline and real-time progress measures and interpretive feedback. Users view engaging videos, participate in interactive activities, and take quizzes to gauge progress. The system's Connect section provides resources and encourages both expert and peer-to-peer support. A Dashboard tracks progress and resilience growth.

"Research has shown that students need one-on-one support, and they also need to engage in self-directed learning to really strengthen their resilience levels. Explore Resilience for Students is an online support system, accessible 24/7 and aligns with students' schedules and work demands," affirmed Dr. Gail Wagnild.

Explore Resilience for Students partners with colleges and universities looking to expand upon their current portfolio of mental health and wellbeing resources:

The Anytime Scorecard allows administrators to view cumulative results, enabling them to proactively build mental health and wellness strategies relevant to their student body - at no extra charge.
Real-Time Ad-Hoc Reports, with transparency of raw aggregate data for customized analysis, are available - at no extra charge.
A full Annual Report, including global school comparisons, is provided - at no extra charge.

Explore Resilience for Students is now available online for only $15.99 per student, per year. For information on master contracts, please contact info@exploreresilience.com.

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Explore Resilience has developed an online, interactive self-directed learning system. This evidence-based preventive health program helps individuals recognize, build and strengthen their resilience in addition to achieving performance success, a healthier lifestyle and increased life satisfaction. To accomplish this, Explore Resilience has created comprehensive, robust programs with multiple assessments, eight interactive learning modules, data analysis tools, and a communications platform.

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