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September 15, 2010 21:53 ET

Exploring Relationship of Science and Religion

"Up Close and Personal with the Urantia Book" by JJ Johnson Introduces the Coordination of Science and Religion

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - September 15, 2010) -  An expanded version of JJ Johnson's insightful book and study guide, Up Close and Personal with the Urantia Book has been released in paperback and is available at

Based on the Urantia Book, first released in 1955, Up Close and Personal with the Urantia Book, Expanded Version, introduces the COSAR principle -- short for the "coordination of science and religion." Author JJ Johnson, a student and enthusiastic proponent of the philosophy within the Urantia Book claims, "The Urantia Book reveals that religion and science are not two antagonistic views -- they are two aspects of one reality."

Johnson, currently working with the foreign service, has studied the book for over 30 years. In his interesting Up Close and Personal with the Urantia Book, he provides over a dozen detailed examples and scientific concepts found in the Urantia Book that predate the validation by science. "From plate tectonics and DNA research to the Star of Bethlehem dates, the reader can discover why the Uranita Book has captured the attention of a growing number of scientists," states Johnson. 

Johnson's ombudsman service to the Urantia movement is truly international in scope. He visited and placed Urantia Books in both national and university libraries in more than 20 countries, as well as catalyzing new readers and attending study groups all over the world and throughout the 50 states.

Johnson's personal message is, "It is time once again to bring to the attention of the world that it is imperative to allow the will of our Heavenly Father to become dominate and transcendent in our hearts. Then, and only then, can we go forth as transformed individuals to spiritually uplift our strife torn planet."

The material is presented not as an alternative belief system, but as a unique view of traditional Christian faith, including insights into the teachings of Jesus Christ. God is termed the creator and upholder of all reality and is described as a loving Father, with whom all people may have a personal relationship.

The Urantia Book, published by the Urantia Foundation, has been an enigma since its release. The circumstances of its origin are unknown as it is termed an "epochal spiritual revelation to humankind." It is presented as a series of papers with either a name, an order of celestial being, or a group of beings is credited as authors.

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