October 18, 2006 09:07 ET

ExtenDB Releases Version 1.1 of Its Clustered Database Solution for Business Intelligence

WESTBOROUGH, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 18, 2006 -- Today ExtenDB announced the release of version 1.1 of its ExtenDB Parallel Server. The improvements to version 1.1 include more flexible data loading options, expanded PostgreSQL support, improved transaction throughput for ETL workloads, and better query planning.

The ExtenDB Parallel Server offers a cost-effective way to scale out databases used for analysis. According to a recent paper that analyzes traffic by the Transport Systems Centre, query times decreased significantly with the ExtenDB cluster compared to a native PostgreSQL database ("On Concurrent Holistic-Component Dynamics and Traffic Analysis"). Combined with their Nexus system, they state, "The time it takes to [query] a database with such large datasets has been reduced to minutes or hours rather than days, weeks, or even months."

As with the previous version, the Standard Edition is free and allows users to cluster together four database nodes for parallelizing queries for Business Intelligence workloads.

The software utilizes the open source database PostgreSQL. With ExtenDB and PostgreSQL together, data can be partitioned in smaller segments across multiple nodes, achieving more efficient query processing and parallelism at the same time.

For those users whose needs cannot be met by the free Standard Edition, ExtenDB also offers the ExtenDB Parallel Server Workgroup Edition, which is architected to scale to many more nodes.

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ExtenDB is a provider of database clustering software targeted for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence that leverages proven Open Source database technology and low-cost, reliable PC-based commodity hardware.

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