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April 02, 2015 09:00 ET

External IT Upgrade Democratizes Access to User Activity, Improving Advisors' IT Security and Workflow

Advisors Now Able to Easily View User Activity That Tracks Login Location, IP Address, Time, and Device for Increased Security; Update Gives Advisors Clear Understanding of When and Where Applications Are Used, Resulting in a Better Workflow

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - April 02, 2015) - External IT, a cloud-based IT outsourcing firm that focuses on RIAs and Broker Dealers, today announced a new capability to be part of its best-in-class Cloud Desktop solution. The enhancement to the recently redesigned platform creates a visual and easily readable interface to view user activity that tracks login location, IP address, time and device, along with the specific applications launched.

The improved functionality allows both administrators and advisors to view activity while empowering the user to be more responsible for the security of their own data and devices.

"As the cloud becomes the inevitable norm in financial services, advisors' primary concern is security and most would rather sacrifice convenience to keep their data safe. Giving users the freedom to work anywhere, while showing them their own activity, allows them to be proactive about data security rather than waiting for a back office IT professional to notice suspicious behavior. This creates a safer and more empowering work environment," said Sam Attias, VP, Financial Services Practice, External IT.

Many cloud-based solutions are built on a principal of silos, spread out, independent from one another. This increases potential security vulnerabilities and keeps advisors from critical security insights such as who is using which applications, from where and when. External IT's latest functionality gives advisor firms a single, secure place for all applications and data, delivering flexibility for users along with centralized control -- a major differentiator versus other platforms currently available on the market.

"I think it's easy for advisors to feel somewhat powerless to adequately address cybersecurity. After all, what match are any one of us against determined and savvy cybercriminals? The new feature visually tracks and reports how we work, and which devices try to access our secured environment. Even if the technicians have always been able to monitor that in the background, I like being able to see it clearly myself. That's as comforting to me as motion activated security lights and cameras. It's like shining a light on anyone who approaches our data," said Damian Gallina, CFA, Principal, Buttonwood Financial Advisors.

In addition to making advisors more secure, External IT's Cloud Desktop solution allows the user to filter and cross reference the data it collects for an easy way to maximize their work experience. Unlike most platforms that passively track user activity and are typically monitored by back office IT professionals, External IT empowers advisors to look at ways to better allocate resources and create efficiencies themselves.

After developing the first commercial Cloud Desktop, External IT's founders established the company in 2002 with an idea that was ahead of its time, helping drive the firm to become the industry standard in cloud computing. Whether accessing External IT through a pre-packaged platform or through a professionally customized configuration directly through the firm, advisors can count on security without being limited by hardware, geography or application set, so they can focus on their clients.

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External IT is a leading provider of unified cloud computing solutions to Financial Services Clients including RIAs and Broker Dealers. The company's cloud-based solution is delivered via its unique OS33 Cloud Desktop platform, which provides all of a user's applications and data simply in one place. The company offers integrated managed services that provide everything from end user helpdesk to data migrations, nationwide on-site assistance, and remote management of clients' networks. Founded in 2002, External IT has been delivering IT services for nearly 15 years and is a recognized innovator and pioneer in the cloud computing space. For more information, visit

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