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Extra Mile America

October 22, 2013 19:52 ET

Extra Mile Day Message Counters Pessimistic CNN Poll

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 22, 2013) - In an October 18-20 CNN poll, 71% of people feel current economic conditions are poor with 59% believing conditions won't be better a year from now. With optimism across the country low, "Extra Mile Day" comes at an opportune time.

On November 1, 436 mayors will recognize a growing movement that is dedicated to encouraging the "go the extra mile" spirit. At a time when many are frustrated and seek changes in service and opportunity, Extra Mile Day celebrates individuals and organizations that are making a difference in their local communities. Additionally, the Extra Mile Day mission reminds people not to give up when life gets challenging or overwhelming, but to instead, "go the extra mile" in personal commitment and action.

"We talk about wanting change, happiness and more opportunity," says Extra Mile Day Founder, Shawn Anderson. "However, relying on the government, our bosses, or our relationships to make that happen for us is only wishing life to get better. The 'Extra Mile Day' message, however, gives us an alternative to throwing our arms in the air and saying 'I give up.'"

Created in 2009 with twenty-three cities making the inaugural declaration, Extra Mile Day has continued to build momentum each year since. This year, over 436 mayors from Anchorage to Boston will make the declaration and join the mission.

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