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March 02, 2011 10:03 ET

Extreme Reach Streamlines TV-to-Online Workflow for Advertisers

"Direct Delivery" Offers Seamless Execution of Video Advertising Campaigns Across TV and the Web, Empowering Agency Production and Traffic Teams to Think Holistically, Work Efficiently

NEEDHAM, MA--(Marketwire - March 2, 2011) -  As more and more video ad campaigns expand beyond TV to the Internet, advertisers are faced with workflow, quality and consistency issues that have made execution across channels increasingly difficult. Responding to that challenge, Extreme Reach has become the industry's first digital ad delivery platform to offer a single solution for executing video ad campaigns that include TV and online media. The company's new Direct Delivery capabilities provide a single video ad management and distribution solution for both while addressing the nuances of each. This approach makes it easy for TV traffickers at ad agencies to deliver video advertising to online media outlets like Hulu, YouTube, and countless other popular websites without complicating workflows or compromising video quality.

How Direct Delivery Works:
Direct Delivery begins when a pristine video master is uploaded directly from the production desktop to the Creative Library on the Extreme Reach platform. Each time that ad is delivered, it springs directly from that single master source. Agency traffickers can then view and select ads to send to thousands of TV networks, local TV stations or popular websites for immediate digital delivery. Users can manage rights and share creative with other agencies and teams involved with that advertiser. Video quality is automatically checked and secured along the way.

Formatting Made Easy:
Video format requirements differ from publisher to publisher. Those differences create workflow complications for agency traffic managers. Extreme Reach Direct Delivery eliminates those variables by automatically transcoding the ad to meet each publisher's required file specifications directly from the video master. Additionally, each online publisher typically requests video files of a certain format, but then transcodes them into different file formats before they're played. That last minute conversion and reformatting of video files is often a primary reason the visual quality of ads tends to vary from publisher to publisher. Extreme Reach eliminates that last compromising step ensuring all files are formatted automatically to the specific, player-ready format for each individual destination. That way the viewer's experience is consistent across all screens. Whether the online publisher requires Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, etc., any player-ready format can be delivered.

According to Debbie Douglas, Senior Broadcast Traffic Manager at the Martin Agency, "We run promotional video campaigns on TV and online. That's a pretty seamless experience for our audience. It's important for the Martin Agency that the execution of those campaigns is just as seamless. Extreme Reach has made it easy to manage video campaigns and deliver video creative the way it was meant to be seen. It's like having a straight line connecting our pristine master creative to each of our destinations and cutting out all the unnecessary complications in between."

Benefits of Digital Delivery for Advertisers:

  • Reach a vast network of top online publishers digitally, with files automatically formatted to their needs 
  • Protect brand integrity by providing audiences with the same viewer experience, no matter the media destination
  • Attach companion ads easily in all IAB-standard sizes, assign click-through URLs and manage other details related to online video campaigns.
  • Manage all video content through a single Creative Library dashboard
  • Manage information related to talent contracts, creative expiration dates, localization and rights management issues for each ad to avoid cross-media and contractual issues

"With the availability of Digital Delivery, we're essentially bridging the gap for advertisers between their TV and online ad campaigns. The automated file delivery workflow makes it easy for our clients to get their video advertising everywhere with the pristine quality they intended wherever it's seen, regardless of the medium," says John Roland, CEO of Extreme Reach.

To download a free copy of the whitepaper, "Bridging the Real Gap Between Online Video and TV Advertising" published by Extreme Reach, click here ( 

About Extreme Reach:
Extreme Reach is a leading provider of video advertising management and distribution solutions. The company's unique pure-digital ad delivery network connects hundreds of advertisers, agencies and post-production houses with thousands of media destinations. The Extreme Reach video platform simplifies the management, delivery and tracking of ad campaigns across video media, including: TV, web, cinema, outdoor and mobile. The company's headquarters are located in Needham, MA, with offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Louisville. For more information, visit the Extreme Reach website:

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