August 30, 2011 16:52 ET

EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ Patented Technologies Rock Marketing Industry

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwire - Aug 30, 2011) - In less than a year, a powerhouse technology company, EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ LLC ("EI") began as a start up venture and has already grown into a $100 million company. In addition, their patented technologies have created worldwide licensing agreements that are projected to launch the company's worth to over the one billion dollar mark.

What's going on here with EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ -- plenty! First of all there's a great deal of corporate talent with international experience and connections at the highest levels of the world's fortune 100 companies.

The company is under the direction of three incredibly talented (albeit unconventional), internationally recognized global entrepreneurs and includes an executive team of industry leaders in finance and most importantly mobile marketing, programming and interactive gaming technologies.

The concept is complex, yet simplistic. After Q/R code interaction began to really emerge, this executive group quickly realized that the technology had limitless potential that went far beyond current uses.

Unfortunately, current uses of Q/R codes are already recognized by the savvy and intelligent marketplace as boring. The untapped capabilities of this technology are currently being highly underutilized in all participating corporate and communication efforts.

The reality is that today's consumers who are tagging Q/R codes that simply link to basic information, offers or websites have or will become uninspired with little motivation to continue to tag these codes.

Identifying this, EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ and its executive team began to globally assemble related intellectual property that provided scalable abilities to harness the true power of Q/R code tagging to create smart code technologies referred to by EI™ as CloudTAG™ technology.

This resulted in the development of Q/R technology product platforms that create huge new revenue streams while providing valuable consumer and behavioral information... all in real time for their clients from any form of consumer mobile device interaction.

The executive group at EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ collectively assembled the right team of marketing, interactive programming, platform development and venture partnerships that created scalable, smart and robust interactive tagging technologies.

The EI™ team and these mobile action codes (or, MAC'S) and their related technology support products are now revolutionizing current corporate promotional advertising efforts and campaigns.

When these proprietary technology concepts were introduced to several of the world's top 100 corporations, EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE's™ rate of growth exploded both in the U.S. and internationally.

The patented EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ CloudTAG™ technology empowers consumers to interact with any corporate marketing effort at any visual level throughout an advertiser's promotional campaign.

These smart codes are programmed with intriguing incentive strategies that keep targeted consumers engaged and participating.

The incentives vary, but basically this mobile consumer tagging strategy provides participants with valuable information, gaming opportunities and/or redeemable reward points that entice consumers to follow and stay engaged with corporate advertising campaigns.

There are also several other forward thinking and creative mobile action incentive products under development by the company and currently there are at least fourteen (14) technology products that have been developed that support this new direction in consumer interaction.

Harnessing and empowering these proprietary smart mobile action codes is revolutionary and unprecedented in the advertising industry.

These technologies keep consumers participating with all visual elements of a marketing campaign. The corporate advertiser has the strategic ability to collect powerful database and analytic information about consumer behavior and ways to stay connected, entice and expand interaction, and motivate their target audience.

These smart codes provide extremely valuable, measurable information that EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ refers to as vitalytics™ in all visual marketing mediums. This includes print and outdoor media advertising, considered by most in the advertising industry to be quickly fading into marketing irrelevance.

This form of strategic marketing provides powerful and measurable metrics that define consumer interaction and behavioral patterns while measuring the quantified success of the creative elements utilized within a visual marketing campaign.

Here are several markets where the EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ smart codes technology is already being implemented or under review and consideration:

  • Fast Food Industry
  • Retail Chain and Big Box Retail
  • Stadium, Concert and Event Markets
  • Entertainment & Gaming Industries
  • Grocery & Food Industry
  • Municipal Environments

EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ -- with both its disclosed and undisclosed consumer interactive promotional technologies and products -- is quickly and completely changing the landscape of visual consumer marketing.

In an environment where every advertising dollar is critical, this company has forever changed promotional marketing as we know it.

Today's corporate advertisers, their creative agencies and media outlets have only two choices in their future marketing efforts -- embrace and participate in these new technologies or simply fade into the abyss.

Participating corporations and their advertising agencies are now going to know precisely the true effectiveness of the marketing dollars invested on targeted consumers with supporting quantifying metrics of each campaign, referred to by EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ as mediology™.

These consumer interaction technology platforms expose true analytic evaluation or vitalytics,™ evaluating impression criteria. Interactive campaigns empowered with smart code strategies provide the analysis and information in real time that will determine which promotional mediums produce the most effectiveness for marketing dollars invested.

The many interaction components provide powerful consumer behavioral information and database development within targeted demographics that result in direct, sustained links between corporate promotions and their existing or potential consumer for future online direct database marketing opportunities.

EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ is a game changer. The company's technology and related products are such a dramatic development that it is already impacting how entire industries conduct and channel their visual marketing and communication strategies.

This is just the beginning but it's as revolutionary as the introduction of Radio and TV.

Empowering EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ and their mobile action code technologies and scalable strategic platforms in any visual marketing campaign is a smarter way to do business.

ABOUT EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE, LLC -- Media Related Story Support Information, Executive Quotes or Interviews Available Upon Request

EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE, LLC is a subsidiary of MADE Global Brands, LLC, with its main corporate and development campus located in Greensboro, GA, approximately an hour east of Atlanta with executive offices in London and Singapore.

The company operates worldwide and at their current growth rate they are projecting to employ up to 1000 people at the main corporate headquarters, research and technology development facility.

The company provides proprietary interactive technology platforms with visual marketing systems that engage consumers for continued interaction with corporate visual promotional marketing campaigns.

The company owns several patented intellectual property technologies and related products and has partnerships with notable corporations both here in the U.S. and internationally.

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