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eyeReturn Marketing

March 24, 2014 10:48 ET

eyeReturn Marketing Achieves Coveted Spot in Programmatic Trading Sector in Canada

Media Experts' Q4 2013 Programmatic Trading Report Names the Leading Canadian Digital Ad Serving and Demand-Side Platform Provider Among the Top 2 in Market Share in Canada

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 24, 2014) - In a tough economic climate that has seen marketers focus increasingly on more sophisticated models for executing their digital marketing strategies, one homegrown Canadian company has risen to the top of the programmatic ad trading sector in Canada.

eyeReturn Marketing, the leading digital ad server and demand-side platform (DSP), has achieved the rank of Top 2 in market share in the competitive Canadian Demand-Side Platform sector, according to Media Experts' Programmatic Trading Quarterly Report (Q4-2013) released in February 2014.

Second only to DoubleClick Bid Manager/Google's Invite Media (which merged in Q4-2012), eyeReturn Marketing achieved a sizeable stake of the all impression purchases in Q4-2013, with 15 percent of overall market share - surpassing other large DSPs, including Media Math, The Trading Desk, and Turn.

Says Renée Hill, president and co-CEO of eyeReturn Marketing: "We're delighted to have been recognized by Media Experts and their partners, Accordant Media and Casale Media, as leaders in this very competitive advertising landscape. It's a testament to the focus that our technology and development teams put into the ongoing innovation of our platforms. And it further showcases our efforts to combine data-driven insights with a human attention to detail," through eyeReturn Marketing's real-time bidding (RTB) platform, eyeDemand.

The eyeDemand platform employs advanced buying models to allow advertisers to bid on media space on various screens (including online, mobile and social channels) at the impression level. The benefit is that they secure top digital real estate for their brands at the lowest-available bid price, the moment that it's made available by publishers and networks. This is all made possible by proprietary algorithms that tap into over 50,000 different publishers on Google, BrightRoll and AppNexus ad exchanges in real-time - giving marketers unparalleled reach, all while maximizing their campaign ROI.

Hill concluded, "With the strong prognosis for the domestic RTB marketplace, especially based on the year-over-year growth of ad volume outlined by Media Experts in their Q4-2013 report, in tandem with the growing interest for more efficient, data-driven ad buying among our advertising and agency clients, we're confident that eyeReturn Marketing will continue to gain market share both north and south of the border in the months to come."

About eyeReturn Marketing

As the predominant third-party ad server and Demand-side Platform (DSP) in Canada, we have an 88%+ reach into the Canadian online market. Our innovative technical platforms, eyeDemand and eyeServe, feature built-in ad delivery, monitoring, and measurement tools that allow us to serve and observe millions of user interactions across millions of sites every day.

For more than a decade, we've served trillions of ads and analyzed billions of domains and users to deliver the results that marketers are looking for from their digital media campaigns.

With teams located in 4 offices across North America, you can be confident that eyeReturn Marketing has the technology, expertise, and above all, the resources to deliver the campaigns you want, the results you need, all while helping you to gain the insights on your customers that will make a difference to your brand investment.

For more information, visit www.eyereturn.com to get this partnership working for your brands today.

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