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October 05, 2012 16:23 ET

EZ Power Text "Telecom Breakthrough!" Say Users

DENTON, TX--(Marketwire - Oct 5, 2012) - EZ Power Text™ (EZPT) is fixed-price mass-texting. Mass Texting With No Limits(SM).

In academic institutions EZPT is used to alert parents to their children's health, academic, and moral/social condition. Parents receive texts about grades and test scores, homework assignments, and other information students sometimes "overlook" during the year. Last-minute updates like snow days, schedule or venue changes, and traffic restrictions, dramatically reduce confusion and frustration.

When a water main broke, EZPT was used to send every student's emergency contact(s) a pointed text message, "Water main break. Retrieve [ child name ] at 1:45pm from rear entrance. Please reply with CONFIRM."

Organizations can use EZPT to communicate with customers, employees and constituents, by increasing awareness about time-sensitive deadlines, events, discounts, promotions, specials, and gatherings.

Just for fun, ever heard of a "flash mob"? Hundreds of people receive a text message with the time and place for a special performance (event). The first flash mobs were impromptu group dance exhibitions, like the one held at "Ohio State University Union on 5/3/2010" (search YouTube). Create your own flash mob using EZPT.

Quickly communicate to any list in writing when there's a power failure or other maintenance emergency; e.g. the Internet is down. EZPT does not use the Internet. A battery-powered laptop running EZPT is a fool-proof solution for getting the word out. 

In a recent interview, Jerry Gilels, TeleQuery.Net, Inc. CEO (owners of EZ Power Text) stated, "EZPT makes it simple for you to merge unlimited recipients and their unique information (e.g. 'available funds'), using a single template ('form message'), and send them automatically. It's just like a 'mail merge.' EZPT is the text messaging version, except easier.

"While messages are being sent out, EZPT watches the replies coming in for keywords you've defined. When one is recognized, EZPT automatically replies to the sender with the exact response you've assigned it."

EZPT can also reach out to unlimited potential victims in advance of the arrival of a potentially catastrophic event, such as a tornado, hurricane, or tsunami. Imagine receiving an instructional text as soon as authorities know there is a dangerous weather event coming your way.

EZPT is fixed-price: $19.99/modem/month. The price is so low, TeleQuery's customers have actually told them they're charging too little.

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