SOURCE: FacePrint Global Solutions

March 08, 2006 06:30 ET

EZ-Scan: A Major Innovation in Digital Identification Technology

FRESNO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 8, 2006 -- EZ-FACE, the FacePrint Global Solutions (FGS) (OTC BB: FCPG) 3D-facial composite software, currently in its final development phase, features an Internet-generated program that allows police-issued mug shots of criminals to be produced into quality composites. This is all part of EZ-Scan, a software engine that can create a 3D image from a 2D photo -- whether it's a mug shot or a photo from a convenience store surveillance camera.

As a test, investigators with a Canadian police department -- who asked not to be identified because their investigation was ongoing -- recently requested that FGS create 3D images from a series of photos of suspects taken from a store surveillance camera. FGS was able to produce a series of images, using EZ-FACE's EZ-Scan technology.

EZ-Scan generates an E-DNA code from a two-dimensional picture of a photographed face. Not only can a face be created with remarkable ease and speed, but it is automatically converted into unique alphanumerical segmented codes. Just as every new composite is an original creation, every E-DNA is unique.

EZ-Scan will allow providers of credit, ATM and medical insurance cards, as well as passports and drivers' licenses to create a composite picture and a unique ID code from a digitized picture. The E-DNA will be encrypted and put on the magnetic band of the card, thereby generating a composite picture with each use of the card and before any transaction is allowed or authorized.

The EZ-Scan concept represents a major innovation in digital identification technology, based on facial recognition. EZ-Scan provides a solution to problems involved in the storage, cataloging, and transmission of large amounts of facial information (e.g., typically in the form of graphics data as in mug shots). The information that is saved, cataloged and transmitted is in the form of E-DNA codes, thus drastically reducing the amount of memory needed for storage and the amount of time required to transmit the data. EZ-Scan organizes facial information into a format that is readily available and easily accessed by users of established networks.

E-DNA codes can then be stored in a database to serve as the basis for making future matches with encrypted E-DNA codes already appearing on any identification card (passports, drivers' licenses, etc.). The generated E-DNA codes will be used to compare and match E-DNA codes to an established (centralized) database of E-DNA codes of criminal suspects, mug shots, or composite pictures originally generated by EZ-FACE. This could include "most wanted" suspects by the FBI, Immigration and Naturalization Services, law enforcement agencies and the United States military.

The overreaching goal of these endeavors is to create a highly accurate and reliable technology of facial imagery that can be easily accessed and readily shared among the users of the technology, with minimal hardware requirements. The application of standardized methods in further development of the technology seeks to ensure compatibility among users of the software.

About FacePrint Global Solutions, Inc.: FGS marshals the considerable talent and experience of its high-tech team of professionals towards the creation of imaginative technology solutions to address the critical needs in facial recognition related to identity verification, crime-prevention and worldwide efforts against terrorism. FGS is developing a new methodology and industry standard called the "E-DNA Bioprint Coding System"™, for the transmission of data related to individual faces. Grounded in biometrics, FGS's solutions encompass a unique composite-picture driven facial recognition system, as presently demanded by both the private and public sectors. FGS's goal is to become a major provider of technologies, applications and products for identity authentication and validation. FGS is headquartered in Fresno, California. (

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