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November 12, 2007 14:00 ET

Ez2 Companies President Issues a Letter to Shareholders and Announces Resignation

WEST PALM BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - Ez2 Companies (PINKSHEETS: EZTO)

Dear Shareholders,

The time has come for change, a change that without a doubt is in the best interest of the company and its shareholders. So it is with a heavy heart that I am resigning effective today, November 12th, 2007, as president and director of Ez2 Companies. However I'm proud to hand the ball off to Paul Graham of Graham Capital partners, whom I nominate as the CEO and new President, until the Special Meeting of Shareholders on December 14th, 2007. I expect Paul to be ratified as same by all shareholders on that day. Paul is a capable, respectable and hard working professional that has over 20 years of merger and acquisition experience. He has built countless valuable relationships over his 22-year tenure which I feel will benefit him, the company and its shareholders going forward.

When I took over this company, it was not done with a selfish agenda and I think the record speaks for itself in that regard. It was done to restore shareholder value in what was an otherwise doomed company. We all know who and what brought us to this point as well as why. So I'd like to speak to the accomplishments, rather then the disappointments of the past by prior management and to some degree myself. Some of those accomplishments were toxic obstacles in nature and most people would have walked or run the other way, rather then deal with them.

In early 2007, I negotiated to takeover a convertible debt which was held by a founder of the company and was defaulted on by prior management. This debt alone could have been the end of the company and its shareholders. Shortly thereafter I built a relationship with Cornell Capital whereby they would NOT use the death spiral strategy to destroy whatever shareholder value that we had left because this obligation was in default for over 2 years. It was then that I was able to workout a deal with Cornell in which the $250,000 convertible debt in default would NOT be subject to 2 years of penalties/interest, which would have amounted to almost $400,000 in total. For this deal to happen the $250,000 debt needed to be paid down mostly in cash during a six month forbearance period. We were able to get this debt paid down in less then the 6 month time period agreed upon by both parties. Need I say we've all seen what happens to companies that cannot raise the cash to pay down a convertible note when the death spiral is applied?

As of Sept 2006, the company's outstanding share count was as high as 272 million shares. Since that time, we have reduced the outstanding common shares by a total of about 110 million shares, to its level now of approx 161 million shares outstanding. This represents roughly a 40% decrease in the outstanding shares to date. We also formed 10 subsidiary companies for a merger and acquisition strategy that has been adopted and embraced by Paul Graham and his team going forward. It has been my opinion and continues to be my opinion that a merger/acquisition strategy such as we started for the company will allow for rapid growth and creation of shareholder value. Especially when there is an experienced management team at the helm and financial stability as the foundation. I am more then confident that Paul and his team will leverage their experience and contacts in the market place to foster growth for the company and its shareholders.

So all in all with absolutely no funds to start with, we were able to improve the financial condition of the company by working to pay down one unfriendly debt to secure the other one and reduce the outstanding share count by about 40%. To me, that's a notable accomplishment.

With the above said, I want to say thank you, the shareholders, for your patience and understanding. It has been a privilege to work for you since Oct of 2005 despite the ups and downs. This was a deal I will never ever forget and I'm proud to have been a part. I am also happy to have built relationships with those shareholders that have reached out, even if most only by telephone or email. It is my hope these relationships continue. This experience has taught me much about myself, as well as other people and I will never forget any of it.

Jeff Berkowitz

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