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June 13, 2007 11:17 ET

Ez2Companies' Letter to Shareholders

WEST PALM BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - June 13, 2007) - The following is a letter to shareholders by Jeff Berkowitz, President of Ez2Companies (PINKSHEETS: EZTO).

As President of Ez2Companies, first and foremost, I would like to thank shareholders for your patience as we go through this cleanup of the company together. Need I say this mess was not created overnight, nor did I think it would be cleaned up overnight either. This has not been easy, because as you move foward and "stir up the mud" so to speak, out come other issues that need to be worked on. However, there has been progress made none the less. Let me work backwards from the most recent events so that you may understand what we are trying to do and are doing.

I understand the feelings investors get when they hear the name Cornell Capital. Let me say from my experience while negotiating with Mr. David Ratska of Cornell Capital Partners, those feelings that investors have about Cornell Capital are not always true. We have negotiated a deal with Cornell Capital Partners whereby the company is to pay in total $250,000, which was originally subject to penalties and interest, since the original transaction took place almost 2 years ago. If a deal had not been negotiated and executed by management and Cornell Capital Partners, then it would have resulted in multiple conversions of debt into equity/common stock. This would have caused the 62.5 million escrowed shares to be sold by Cornell Capital Partners to pay down the debt. In turn this could have led to more shares being issued to Cornell Capital Partners to cover the growing note, due to the interest and fees, which most of you know as "the death spiral," or worse, a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy as the only relief. Typically, this is the way it ends for many companies that draw down on convertible debentures when they have little to no revenue. I didn't create the Cornell Capital debt, but I feel myself and Mr. David Ratska of Cornell Capital Partners did negotiate a way out of it. Instead of the above situation, we now owe Cornell Capital Partners a total of $105,000 of the negotiated $250,000 total debt, which means to date we have paid $75,000 in cash together with the allowed one-time conversion of roughly 10 million shares. The agreement term is June 2007 to Nov 2007. There are no further conversions allowed to Cornell Capital Partners during this agreement and the 62.5 million shares that have been sent to my attorney Bill Asbell to hold will be returned to treasury when the debt is paid in full. That leaves us with a net 52 million plus shares canceled as per this agreement.

As you know we announced we had canceled 37 million plus shares last week, the first week of June. These shares were able to be canceled after ordering the shareholder list and transfer reports from the transfer agent and doing some intensive research. Once we found the block, we negotiated to have them returned to treasury. At the end of the day our outstanding share(OS) structure year to date will have dropped from 272 million shares and change to just over 150 million shares, when we cancel the escrowed shares attorney Bill Asbell is holding. As shareholders, I know some of you ask yourselves, "What have you done for me lately?" My answer is at the end of the day roughly 100 million shares in total will have been canceled and sent back to the company's treasury.

We have also formed 10 Florida subsidiary corporations under the Ez2 moniker. The subsidiaries included are as follows: Ez2Stream, Inc.; Ez2Broadcast, Inc.; Ez2Mortgage, Inc.; Ez2Movies, Inc.; Ez2Music, Inc.; Ez2Realestate, Inc.; Ez2Escrow, Inc.; Ez2Ask, Inc.; Ez2Speak, Inc.; and Ez2Date, Inc. As part of the company's ongoing reorganization efforts these wholly owned subsidiaries will be utilized as merger, acquisition and or partnership vehicles. We formed these subsidiaries to implement a strategy for long-term growth through merger, acquisition and or partnerships with our wholly owned public subsidiary corporations. In the past these entities were just domain name/websites that prior management could not bring to the next level. We feel that public corporations carry more value, especially in the merger, acquisition or partnership arena. Our goal is to grow each and every subsidiary to a point where that company can either support itself organically, be spun off to our shareholders in the traditional sense, or reverse merged into a publicly traded vehicle whereby ownership would be accomplished on a pro rata basis the same as a traditional spin-off without time consuming filings and costs.

Our board of directors feels that rewarding shareholders with a portfolio of diverse companies that can trade on their own in the future is the way to go. We also feel that with the Ez2 moniker and company strategy of "A Company of Companies" there are endless applications that could be utilized as corporations/vehicles for operating companies that are looking to gain access to the public marketplace. It is our goal to exploit the use of the Ez2 moniker to develop more relationships that evolve into more subsidiaries, which in turn will create more value for our shareholders. When we are finished with the cleanup of the company, we will move forward with mergers, acquisitions and or partnerships.

As most of you know we have a shareholder meeting to be held this Friday, June 15th. I called for this meeting for 3 reasons. Prior management had never held a shareholder meeting. When they said they were going to have one in the filings, no one from management was there for the shareholders that did show up. The final reason for me was to meet and greet those shareholders that would take their own time to meet with me and to invite them back to my house for an informal BBQ.

Lastly we have dissolved the Nevada corporation and transformed Ez2Companies into a Florida corporation. This was due to the stigma Nevada corporations carry with investors. As I said in the first paragraph: "This has not been easy." But it is my opinion that we are moving in a positive direction in this reorganization process and we will continue to move forward in a cautious, but optimistic manner. Again, I would like to thank you, the shareholders, for your patience and Cornell Capital Partners for their understanding.

Jeff Berkowitz

President of Ez2Companies, Inc. is a holding and consulting company .The Company owns the following corporations, Ez2Stream, Ez2Broadcast, Ez2Ask, Ez2Mortgage, Ez2Music, Ez2Realestate, Ez2Date, Ez2Escrow, Ez2Speak and Ez2Movies. The company, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, is actively seeking merger, acquisition and or partnership opportunities.

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