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April 14, 2015 10:40 ET

F-Secure's Freedome for Business Targets BYOD Security Incidents

F-Secure Helps Businesses Securely Embrace BYOD and Company-Owned Mobile Devices

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 14, 2015) - Freedome for Business, a new service launched by F-Secure, gives US companies the best of both worlds by offering them a single service that meets the security needs of companies, as well as the flexibility demands of employees. The cross-use of mobile devices for personal and professional purposes has led to companies embracing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, but often at the expense of their own security.

Freedome for Business is a version of F-Secure's Freedome app that's been tailored to fit the needs of a modern, mobile business. It retains the consumer variant's popular one-button interface, but adds a comprehensive set of business-oriented features to help companies protect their data and network security. The software integrates three different types of protection that are important for modern companies into a single, cloud-based security service: encrypted communications, app and web security and mobile fleet management.

BYOD can now offer productivity and security

"The current trend in business mobility is to allow employees to use the devices they're most comfortable with. It's cheap for companies and efficient for employees," said Pekka Usva, F-Secure's vice president of corporate security. "Trying to manage all of these different kinds of hardware and software poses unique security challenges, and offering these companies a security as a service solution for their growing mobile fleets is a tremendous opportunity for our service partners."

Research from Gartner confirms that the BYOD trend is growing. The firm projects that 38 percent of businesses will stop providing employees with company-owned devices by 2016.* A more recent survey highlights the potential security risks this carries, with nearly one in four BYOD users admitting their devices have had issues with their security.** Putting these figures together adds up to a potentially crippling gap in cybersecurity -- one that Richard Clarke, former White House cybersecurity advisor, described as the "largest vulnerability" facing corporate America.***

According to Usva, these BYOD trends are indicative of how frustrating cybersecurity can be for employees. "Many businesses implement security solutions that employees find restrictive or confusing, so they cut-corners by simply using their personal devices. Freedome for Business takes the one-button interface that's been a success with consumers and turns it into an effective security solution for companies. People can simply tap a button to activate the security software, and then get to work."

One policy to rule them all

Companies implement Freedome for Business through F-Secure's Protection Service for Business (PSB) suite. PSB is built on the same technology that's won AV-TEST's annual "Best Protection" award for the past four years, and Freedome for Business now extends this award-winning protection to cover mobile devices connecting to the company's network. It lets employees encrypt their communication and secure their apps and web browsing with the tap of a button. But it also gives companies the ability to implement additional forms of security, such as anti-theft protection, to make sure any devices used for business stays secure.

"The anti-theft capabilities let IT managers do things like lock devices with randomly generated passcodes, or wipe data remotely. It's a key feature because it protects companies against data breaches caused by lost or stolen devices," said Sebastian Neittamo, F-Secure's technical product manager. "IT managers can also see the security status of devices, so if they notice employees doing something dangerous like visiting an alarming number of malicious websites, they can take action to address the issue before it leads to a security incident."

Neittamo says that allowing companies to manage devices from a central interface lets them monitor the mobile security of devices without imposing complicated restrictions on what employees can or cannot do while working. It also merges the personal devices of employees with the company's overall approach to cybersecurity, effectively integrating PC or post-PC BYOD devices and company-owned devices into a single, secure fleet.

Freedome for Business currently supports Android and iOS devices and is available now. You can find more information about Freedome for Business and PSB on F-Secure's website

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