January 28, 2008 12:14 ET New Online Guide for Tracking the World's Hot Spots, Vetted by the Top Glossy Magazines

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 28, 2008) - Have you ever torn out travel articles from trendy magazines and stuffed them in a drawer, only to never find the information when you actually need it? Who hasn't?

New website promises to come in handy.'s three-member team spent six months trawling two years of Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, the, the Financial Times, Town and Country, W, Wallpaper, Tatler, and Elle Decor. The end result is a comprehensive directory of where to stay and where to eat around the world, chosen by the world's leading arbiters of style. is free and easy to use. Any user can click one of over 250 locations on the home page to quickly see the restaurants and hotels mentioned by the site's sources and to read a concise blurb extolling its virtues. A good judge of buzz factor for a listing is the number of sources that cited it. To discover hotels or restaurants that a source such as Vogue or DailyCandy has mentioned over the last two years, "search by source" allows you to sort the information a number of convenient ways. also enables users to "clip" any listing and store it in a "My Clippings" file, where personal comments can be added and new posts made. is a new type of Internet Company, an aggregator of "glossy" news that provides personalized "concierge" search. While Google may be a cool site, Google can't choose a cool hotel, restaurant, or cruise for you. does just that. It's a "human" search engine that acts as your private secretary, reading magazines and archiving the information based on the needs of sophisticated travelers and business people. The writing style is quick and no-nonsense, and the site is designed for a destination-savvy audience who's already familiar with luxury basics like the Four Seasons or Chateau Marmont, and wants to take their travel chic to the next level.

For business people, is the perfect antidote to a boring trip and a great way to show clients that you are in-the-know. You can find not only the trendiest spots, but also timelessly elegant, old world hotels and the little hidden restaurants known only to discriminating insiders. If you haven't been a big fan of cruises, simply search under the category "boats" on to find cruises that might inspire you to leave the shore. Unlike most travel sites, provides insight into such atypical destinations as Tripoli, Beirut, Tunis, Cuba, Damascus and Estonia.

For honeymoon tops, is invaluable, since it allows you to search article names such as Vogue's "the Secret Mediterranean" to find new, undiscovered places. Seniors will find easy to use, since most information can be obtained through one click on the site's home page. covers new issues of magazines daily and updates the site throughout the day, so it's wise to check the site frequently for new locations and additions, as well as for the latest comments from the world's leading stylemakers.

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