January 30, 2012 08:57 ET

Facebook Gamers Do 1,000,000 Good Deeds to Help Kids Walk

ToonUps Provides Funding to CURE for Life-Changing Surgeries of 10 Children

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - Jan 30, 2012) - ToonUps today announced that they have logged well over one million good deeds in just short of two months in their Facebook game, A Better World. The company challenged its players to do something positive and share it with others within A Better World by posting about their good deeds in various sections of the game. The campaign started on December 1 and reached its goal on January 22 (over a week before the January 31 deadline). By meeting that goal, ToonUps will provide funding to that will enable ten children to undergo surgeries that will help them walk upright for the first time.

"We learned the heartbreaking story of Misozi Felix, a beautiful three year old girl whose right leg has been destroyed by a bone infection," said MarySue Hansell, COO of ToonUps. "She has very little of her femur left, and her knee is completely non-functional, if it even exists anymore. Incredibly brave and resilient, she has learned to walk using her hands and one good leg, and though she is not quick, she gets the job done. She will walk and run with the other kids, thanks to CURE and our players."

A $10,000 donation will fund medical operations for 10 children that might otherwise never receive the medical attention they require. was chosen as the first beneficiary of A Better World's "Reach for the Stars" feature. ToonUps will continue to run "Reach for the Stars" in A Better World selecting a variety of charities/organizations that fit their do-good mission. Interested organizations should contact ToonUps to learn more.

"We were impressed and deeply impacted by the sheer numbers of people willing to help out through A Better World," noted Joel Worrall, vice president of "Everyone can visit to see the children that will be helped and follow their progress through email or with Facebook."

To join A Better World on Facebook, create a character and start exploring. Areas in the game, including the Gratitude Grotto, the Sanctuary of Hope and the Department of Do Good, provide opportunities to post "do-good" activities that contribute to the "Reach for the Stars" community goal. Players can share their good deeds, notes of encouragement, thoughts or gifts with their Facebook friends within the game. Good deeds posted in A Better World include:

  • "I gave all my change to a poor lady on the street!" - (Liberty)
  • "I joined a club in school where we go to homeless shelters and give them food and blankets" - (Davin)
  • "Bought a homeless man a sandwich and a hot drink" - (Ashleigh)
  • "Helped my lil sister with her homework" - (Ashley)
  • "I won a stuffed kitty in the claw machine. A little girl only about five didn't. So I gave her mine." - (Lily)
  • "I raised $2500 to support the hungry kids in Rwanda." - (annie pop)
  • "i help my mother with all her medical needs and support her emotionally" - (Robin)
  • "Looking after my baby brother when my mum is ill." - (Erin)
  • "I read to the blind!" - (Megan)
  • "I rescued two puppies from being put down" - (Ix)
  • "I helped my friend make up with another friend" - (Jasmyn)
  • "i volunteer at my school with the special needs children" - (Bambii)

"There are a great many people in this world that do a whole lot of good, in this case one million instances. A Better World was created as a way to make positivity contagious," said Gregory Hansell, VP of product development, ToonUps. "We like to think that each of the one million good deeds lead to a million others. As more users join our community of kindness, we really can create a better world for us all."

About CURE
CURE International heals the sick and proclaims the Kingdom of God. It is the largest provider of reconstructive surgery to disabled children in the emerging world. Since opening the doors of its first surgical teaching hospital in Kijabe, Kenya in 1998, CURE's focus on bringing healing to developing nations has resulted in more than 1.5 million patient visits and over 121,000 surgeries to correct physically disabling conditions. CURE has also trained more than 2400 medical professionals raising the standard of care in the countries where it operates. Also, check out CURE's plans to work with the Tim Tebow Foundation to build a children's hospital in the Philippines.

About ToonUps
ToonUps is a digital entertainment company whose mission is to create online games and apps to brighten the world. ToonUps has created a rich array of products designed with the purpose of uplifting people through optimism, altruism and fun. From social gaming to business training, their innovative content brings these core themes to a variety of markets. ToonUps is headquartered in Wayne, PA.

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Facebook Gamers Do 1,000,000 Good Deeds to Help Kids Walk

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