April 28, 2011 07:00 ET

Facebook Tanks, Twitter Thrives per Q1 Hype Report

Corporate Blogging Up 100%, as Tech Vendors Seek Best PR Mix

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 28, 2011) - TGPR (, the unconventional PR services firm, announces the results of its Q1 2011 Hype Report, a quarterly initiative that analyzes the PR tactics of early stage technology vendors. The Q1 report, prepared by TGPR, found that tech companies continue to invest heavily in social media, but most are still searching for the best mix of services and frequency.

According to the report, Twitter use was up 30 percent from Q4 2010 to Q1 2011. Meanwhile, the number of corporate blog posts doubled quarter over quarter, following a steep decline in the number of blogs from Q3 to Q4. The first quarter was the second consecutive quarter in which Twitter use increased dramatically. However, for the first time since TGPR began monitoring social media use, Facebook use declined, as vendors published 25 percent fewer posts in Q1 as they did in Q4.

"There are many reasons for the sharp swings, but the biggest has to do with confusion as to which mediums to use and how often to use them," said Kevin Wolf, president of TGPR. "Most vendors believe social media is displacing traditional media, so many rush to implement a strategy. In the process, little thought is given to which services are best, and what is the right mix. The result is chaos, and dramatic swings from one vehicle to another."

The Hype Report also tracks the use of traditional PR tactics, such as the quantity of press releases issued by early stage technology vendors. The total number of releases increased in Q1, and the number of releases about customers and partners was up nearly 20 percent from Q4. Meanwhile, the number of releases about products dropped 10 percent, and the total number of articles generated by vendors jumped 25 percent from Q4.

"Our belief is that social media is best used as a tool to complement rather than replace traditional PR," said Wolf, who has been advising tech companies for 16 years. "When social media is emphasized without regard to which services provide the greatest value, the result is dramatic usage swings, and poor use of limited PR resources."

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Founded in 2002, TGPR, LLC is an unconventional PR services firm based in Menlo Park, California. Its business model, which gives clients maximum flexibility in their PR budgets and programs, is unique in Silicon Valley. Clients need not commit to a fixed monthly retainer, nor are they required to sign a contract that marries the company to TGPR for any length of time. TGPR offers services ranging from social media management and content development to customer reference programs and traditional media relations. TGPR clients are primarily early stage tech companies seeking to stand out amid the chaos that is inherent to the industry.

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