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February 21, 2008 10:00 ET

Faerie Films Warns Recent Beef Recall Not an "Isolated Incident"

Producers of the Ground-Breaking Documentary "ALL JACKED UP" Urge Families to Consider the Conditions and Quality of All Factory Farmed Meats

LAGUNA BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - February 21, 2008) - Faerie Films, producers of the documentary "ALL JACKED UP" applaud the recent attention given to the issues surrounding the treatment and conditions of factory farmed animals, including beef destined for public school consumption. The company cautions the media and families to continue to be on alert, especially once the USDA and the meat industry make claims that the meat supply is safe.

"We see the meat industry's recall as nothing but a PR ploy to give the appearance that those that were involved in the single abusive incident have been punished and that the questionable meat has been removed from the food supply," states Jennifer Mattox, director and writer of the film, "ALL JACKED UP." "This type of horrifying treatment goes on every day and the industry really doesn't care which animals, sick or not, make it into the food supply."

"I had no idea that the meat sold at my kids' school was sourced from the lowest bidder, and doesn't have sufficient quality control standards," commented Julie Stone, mother of three public school-attending children. Ms. Stone and her children recently watched the documentary "ALL JACKED UP." "The movie shed light on how incredibly cruel mass production farming can be and the disgusting conditions of food processing. It's no surprise that the health of our children in this nation is on the decline," Stone concluded.

"ALL JACKED UP" is an angst-driven portrait of four teenagers who discover the truth about their obsessive, addictive, and emotion-driven eating habits. All this brought on by an abusive food system that profits from them with no regard to their well-being.

Of the 143 million pounds of recalled beef sold by the Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Company during the past two years, an estimated 37 million pounds were sold as part of the National School Lunch Program, administered by the USDA. The program provides free and reduced-price breakfast and lunches to students across the country. Most of that meat has already been eaten.

"No wonder the system doesn't work. The USDA operates with an obvious conflict of interest in the fact that it attempts to oversee slaughterhouse operations while simultaneously serving as a distributor of low-cost processed beef to the public school system. Furthermore, many top USDA employees are ex-beef industry leaders. The USDA today functions as more of a marketing branch of the beef industry, not its regulator," said Mike Adams, editor of

The recall was spurred by allegations of animal abuse that raises questions about the safety of the nation's food supply. An undercover investigator for the Humane Society videotaped sick cows being prodded by forklifts at the Chino plant.

"If not for the Humane Society's videotaping of the abusive incident at the Hallmark/Westland Chino facility, there would be little attention paid to the bigger issue of animal cruelty and the quality of meat that finds its way into the system," commented Douglas Clemons, the film's producer and co-writer. "We commend the ongoing efforts of the Humane Society and support the legislation that they diligently fight for."

Faerie Films is also collaborating with organizations that rescue and support downed, sick and abandoned animals, including Animal Acres located in Acton, California. "As long as consumers continue to demand meat at any cost, animals will continue to suffer cruel treatment in a system that always puts profits first," stated Lorri Bauston, founder of Animal Acres. "We're thrilled to be working with Faerie Films to raise awareness and additional funds needed to provide care and treatment for the animals we rescue."

"ALL JACKED UP" is now available on DVD and Faerie Films is donating $10 to Animal Acres for every purchase from the online store at

"We are pleased to be able to assist the noble work of Animal Acres through our DVD sales," says Mattox. "Through watching the DVD, families will not only discover what's really happening behind the veils of immoral factory farming fueling an unsafe food supply, they will know that they have made a difference in the lives of animals rescued from such atrocities."

Faerie Films is finding that the movie is creating a lasting impact on its audiences. The film is providing teenagers and families the opportunity to discuss and consider taking action towards improving their health, eating habits and lifestyles.

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