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February 20, 2015 12:48 ET

Fairway America Launches Investment Portal to Connect Small Balance Real Estate Entrepreneurs With High Net Worth Investors

The Investment Portal Marks the Next Evolution of Crowd-Style Investing, Provides Small Balance Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Fund Managers Access to New Sources of Capital, and Gives Accredited Investors Opportunities for Learning About Investments Previously Unavailable

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Feb 20, 2015) - Fairway America (, the nation's leading authority on small balance real estate (SBRE) pooled investment funds, today announced the launch of (, a comprehensive online platform allowing SBRE funds to put their offerings in front of accredited investors. The platform allows SBRE entrepreneurs not only to obtain practical tools, resources, and insights to successfully build and run small balance real estate pooled investment funds, but also enables them to directly connect with accredited, high-income, high net worth investors in order to raise capital for their funds. As of the launch date, the fund managers listing their offerings on the site collectively have over $70,000,000 in total assets under management and this figure is growing rapidly as additional offerings come online in the marketplace.

In turn, also provides membership to accredited investors, granting them access to a 26-lesson Due Diligence 101 training course covering critical elements of SBRE syndications and blind pool funds, and providing insight about what to look for when considering an SBRE investment opportunity. With the passage of the JOBS Act, Fairway America has developed to help facilitate opportunities for SBRE entrepreneurs to share their strategies and investment offerings openly for the first time since 1940 and work with high-net worth investors to capitalize these pooled private investment offerings.

"Our new community really caters to both important constituencies of pooled real estate investment funds -- the managers and the investors," said Matt Burk, CEO of Fairway America. "On one side, we provide SBRE entrepreneurs and fund managers all over the United States with experience and strategies on everything from how to create the right economic structure for various fund types, to raising capital effectively, to third party administration. On the other, we empower investors with key ideas about how to differentiate the offerings and mitigate risks sometimes associated with these pooled real estate based funds." offers "DealFlow Membership" for accredited investors to help them better understand this largely unknown market segment. DealFlow members have access to the critical thinking and insights from the industry leading experts that can help them better decipher the market and certain elements of their decision making process. In addition, DealFlow members gain access to an extensive "Investment Opportunity Directory" and "Marketplace" which provides access to fund managers and investment opportunities in the SBRE space -- opportunities not currently aggregated in any other place.

The firms listing their investments on the portal collectively have in excess of $1 billion dollars in total offerings and have targeted returns averaging between 10 and 14 percent. These SBRE entrepreneurs have access to the site's "CapitalFlow Membership," which includes training, tools, and resources as well as a networking community of peers and investors focused on raising more capital for their SBRE businesses. 

An example of the type of offering listed on's exclusive marketplace is a newly launched $25 million investment fund for Touchstone Capital Partners Fund II, LLC ("Touchstone"). Touchstone focuses on mortgage loans to real estate investors and developers for the acquisition, rehabilitation, and/or construction of 1-4 unit residential, multifamily, and small commercial properties from Providence RI to Boston. Touchstone's principal managing partners Thomas Meade and Ray Loughlin have a combined 45 years of real estate investment and management experience and this is their first pooled investment fund. By listing on Fairway America's, Touchstone expects to increase its visibility with high net worth investors and get out of the gates in its capital raising efforts much more quickly.

"Our strategy for the Fund is to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in real estate secured loans and other real estate-based assets focused where we live and operate in the greater Boston and Providence markets," said Meade. "We are excited to bring immediate exposure for our fund on and leverage the entire platform Fairway has created. Fairway handles all our back office administration, including fund accounting and investor reporting, which allows us to focus on what we do best, which is creatively financing and investing in quality real estate projects and transactions."

"The small balance real estate industry is in an exciting place to be, where everyone from private lenders, real estate syndicators, note buyers, tax lien certificate buyers, fix-and-flippers, and more are able to share knowledge and construct business opportunities like never before," says Burk. "Our goal is to systematically grow this community on both sides, the SBRE entrepreneurs running the businesses and the accredited investors providing the capital, and to provide education and resources to help them connect with one another in a mutually beneficial way."

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