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September 08, 2009 09:01 ET

Falcon Concentrators: iCON Improves Global Gold Mining Conditions

Economy, Health, and Environment of 20 Million Miners Benefit

LANGLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 8, 2009) - Langley-based Falcon Concentrators have created the iCON, its latest gravity concentrator machine that is changing the face of small-scale gold mining worldwide.

One-third of the world's gold comes from the 20 million disadvantaged people who rely on small-scale "artisanal" mining as a main source of income. These miners earn less than two dollars per day, and lose metals because of inefficient and dangerous processing techniques involving mercury and other toxic chemicals. The iCON, short for "the Individual Concentrator," is the result of Falcon's 20 years of research in gravity and fine mineral recovery techniques from the world's largest industrial mines. Falcon's goals are to improve the economic position of global miners and decrease the use of unsafe chemicals in the industry.

"I've been to the sites and I've seen how these people work and it's a very tough life. Any piece of equipment that can assist them will be a huge benefit to their life," says Peter Latta, Engineer at Falcon Concentrators. "Not only does it benefit people financially, but also environmentally, as well as improves their own health when compared to typical mercury processes."

The iCON produces a low weight, high-grade gold concentrate by creating a high G-force (gravity force) to capture fine, free pieces of gold that are often lost in traditional mining techniques. The elimination of mercury reduces harm to the miners and the environment; a recent UN study states that up to 1000 tonnes of mercury are released each year into the plants and animals that people rely on for food.

University of British Columbia Professor and artisanal mining expert Marcello Veiga was a key part in developing the iCON. "My hope is that we have distribution in every country, and I can see more and more people using these machines," he says. Veiga is known for his work as Chief Technical Advisor for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Global Mercury Project.

Weighing about 100 kilograms, the iCON contains one moving part. At under $6,000 CDN, it is reasonably priced for artisanal miners and much less expensive than other gravity concentrators on the market. Over 200 iCONs have been sold in over 25 countries around the world, and demand is increasing.

About Falcon Concentrators

Falcon Concentrators has designed, constructed and sold enhanced gravity concentration equipment to the mineral processing industry since 1987. They are committed to their goal of eliminating global poverty and increasing the livelihood of artisanal miners around the world. For more information and to see video demonstrations, please visit www.iconcentrator.com or www.concentrators.net.

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