SOURCE: Falcon Electric, Inc.

September 12, 2007 09:00 ET

Falcon® Electric Introduces SSG Series™ Industrial-Grade UPS Plus® to Tackle Harsh Power Environments

High Temperature and Easy Battery Replacement Features Give Industrial Users a More Dependable, Rugged Solution

IRWINDALE, CA--(Marketwire - September 12, 2007) - Falcon Electric, Inc. (, an award-winning manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and power conversion solutions, today announced the new line of SSG Series ™ Industrial-Grade UPS Plus® models from 1.5 to 3kVA. Compared with what is available on the market today, this regenerative on-line UPS is a more advanced, robust and rugged solution that gives users in manufacturing, automation, assembly and other industrial environments a higher level of power protection that can tolerate many of the elements found in these harsh environments. Due to its rugged design, the SSG Series is capable of withstanding elevated temperatures of up to 55 degrees Celsius (131 degrees F).

"The SSG Series' ability to withstand extreme temperatures typically found in factory and industrial environments give users more flexibility in deploying power protection devices for these applications," said Michael Stout, vice president of engineering at Falcon Electric. "The SSG Series UPS can be placed in an equipment rack or installed as a stand-alone tower on the manufacturing floor, in close proximity to the critical load. This eliminates the need to shield the UPS from the environment. This point-to-point installation strategy saves users the time and effort required to configure and wire elaborate power distribution for the various devices that need protection and dramatically lowers the cost of installing the UPSes."

The SSG Series also provides users an improved level of battery monitoring and replacement notification, as well as user-friendly, hot-swappable battery packs, which are the most elegant in their class. Slide-out battery packs are easily replaced through the UPS front panel, without having to remove the UPS from the equipment rack, eliminating the handling of individual batteries and the associated wiring hassles.

The SSG Series also gives users the ability to program two independent output "Load Segments." This feature is designed to extend the battery runtime for a specified pair of receptacles for a particular connected device -- such as a controller -- while cutting off the power to the remaining receptacles after a utility loss or low battery condition. For applications that require hours of back-up, additional battery banks can be ordered and configured easily with included cables through a connector located on the back panel. Battery packs are available that include an optional internal charger to maintain a reasonable recharge time.

The SSG Series is a true regenerative on-line UPS which is designed to give users the highest level of protection against a wide spectrum of power problems. It provides a continuous, clean, tightly regulated power source from the most polluted incoming AC power source. Unlike off-line and line-interactive UPS designs, the SSG Series acts as an electronic firewall between incoming "dirty" power and sensitive micro-processor-based Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), computers and automated systems found in these industrial environments.

For unattended OS shutdown and easy monitoring of the UPS system, Falcon's UPSilon® shutdown and management software supports Windows® platforms, including Vista, as well as Novell NetWare® 5 & 6, LINUX and FreeBSD. For remote management, users may purchase an optional SNMP/HTTP agent board that installs directly inside the UPS and provides a TCP-IP addressable, 10/100 Ethernet communications for remote monitoring and management. To assure easy integration into industrial and large IT installations, the SSG Series features Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO) with NFPA-70, NEC 645-11 compliant operation.

Pricing for the SSG Series starts at $1,390 for the 1.5kVA model ( SSG1.5KRM-1). The SSG Series is easily configured as a rackmount or tower UPS and can be purchased from Falcon Electric directly or from a local distributor. For more information on the new SSG Series Industrial-Grade UPS Plus, contact Falcon at 800-842-6940 or email

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