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Fall Beauty Color Palette for Cold Weather: The 5 Hue Choices for Makeup and Fashion Presented by

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 29, 2012) - Ready for a beauty boost to match the fall season? Cold weather may dampen people's spirits, but that doesn't mean fashion and style should suffer. The latest article by Autumn Beauty Color Palette: 5 Beautiful Fall Shades for Makeup and Fashion presents this season's hottest colors -- from bold and trendy to soft and sophisticated -- that can blast away the winter blues.

Funky, experimental color combinations are in this fall and winter, making fashion livelier than ever. How can makeup lovers complement vibrant hues like teal with more neutral shades, such as burgundy and mustard, for a perfect autumn blend? What are some eye-catching ways to integrate cheery shades of tangerine and lemon into any outfit? To find out, visit or click

Women who prefer a softer look can opt for pink this fall -- but the key is to choose a wider spectrum of shades. How can crimson hues -- in every shade imaginable -- bring a dose of femininity to every outfit? What's a foolproof blush technique for creating a natural-looking glow? To find out, visit or click

Women looking for more variety in their work wardrobes can infuse some fun and sophistication into their daily beauty routine. How can earthy tones, such as ivory and beige, look classic instead of boring? What are the latest makeup trends for eye shadow colors, from shimmery opal to sparkling champagne? To find out, visit or click

Find answers to many more questions about the hottest color trends for the cold weather season -- and every occasion -- at or

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